What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon and happens regularly throughout the day. It is just as natural as breathing.

Hypnosis happens when a suggestion has an influence on your subjective reality.

We are actually the Consciousness in which every suggestion appears, happens and disappears, and therefore we have the natural ability to make any suggestion true or not.

A suggestion can come in various forms. For example: A thought, image, sound or action.

Hypnosis is a super valuable communication tool that can be used to help people with for example: Resolving inner conflicts and dealing with physical, mental and emotional pain.

Actually, hypnosis is not really a “thing” just as those definitions above suggest. So it is quite difficult to say what it really is. It depends on the context in which the word “hypnosis” is used. When we pretend that hypnosis really is a “thing” we can give it even more different meanings. Here are some examples:

Hypnosis in the context of hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis is a powerful tool for communication, personal development and positive change.
  • Hypnosis is a certain way of thinking that can be used to process information differently.
  • Hypnosis is a state of being in which you can think clearly and your imagination is active.
  • Hypnosis is a state of being in which positive suggestions and new ideas can gain easier access to the subconscious mind. (Subconscious mind means: The total of inner intelligent processes / The deeper intelligence of the body)

Hypnosis in the context of “natural hypnosis”

  • Hypnosis is a natural form of communication between conscious and unconscious processes.
  • Hypnosis is (heightened) receptivity to suggestions
  • Hypnosis = trance (focus of attention) + suggestion (perceived information)
  • Hypnosis happens when a suggestion has an influence on your subjective reality. Suggestions can come in the form of language. For example: Thoughts, ideas, memories, instructions and so on. They can also come in the form of an image, sound or an action. This is a natural process and it happens many times throughout the day.

Hypnosis in the context of hypnotic transformations

  • Hypnotic transformations can happen much more easily when the imagination becomes dominant over critical analytical thinking and hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques, processes and strategies to ensure that this happens.
  • Hypnotic transformations can be made easier if you let the critical analytical mind relax, allowing the creative thinking to become more active. This is a very pleasant experience and it feels very relaxing and enjoyable.
  • During a hypnotic process, clearer and direct communication with the subconscious is established. In a hypnotic trance the subconscious is able to accept new ideas much easier and therefore can make the correct changes much faster.

Hypnotherapy is simply stated: The awareness, understanding and recognition of how hypnosis works and using these understandings, insights and skills for therapeutic purposes.

When we deliberately let our critical analytical thinking become passive, we automatically increase our ability to stimulate our imagination and feelings with positive suggestions and new ideas. In this way we can make the right adjustments in our fixed structure of reality much easier and more naturally to improve the quality of our lives.

We can consider hypnosis as a valuable toolbox that is full of various useful tools. You are the one who determines what we are going to work on and what kind of transformations you would like to happen. Then we use these different hypnotic tools together to get the job done.

Hypnosis is very natural. We are in and out of different trances every day and this makes it easy to understand how safe hypnosis really is.

What is a trance?

A trance occurs when our attention is focused on something and we become absorbed in the experience. This causes our awareness of everything outside of the trance to fade into the background. The more we become absorbed the “deeper” the trance.

Since our ability to be aware is limitless, it is useful to have a simple filtering system that allows certain information to get through while the rest is filtered out. This natural filtering system is our focus of attention and this automatic mechanism creates a trance for us.

Therefore a trance is a connection between two points. These two points are the perceiver and the perceived. You are always the perceiver. That which you perceive at a certain moment is the perceived.

Because our brain works like a computer, we can consider the perceived as: Information / Suggestion

And we can consider the perceiver as: A biological computer programmed and therefore influenced by the information / suggestion it encounters.

With this simple insight it is easy to understand how we experience different kinds of trances on a daily basis, because as long as our attention is focused on something, we are in a trance.

This is why it is very important to focus your attention as often as possible on what you DO want instead of what you don’t want, because the focus point of the trance creates your subjective experience, and that subjective experience then becomes your own personal hypnosis.

This is because everything you perceive can hypnotize you and you give it permission to do so with your focus of attention!

Every image, sound, thought, memory, imagination, perception, (limited) belief, emotion, sensation, person, video, book, podcast and so on and also your identity can all influence your subjective reality because they are all suggestions (information) in one form or other.

This causes hypnosis to happen because hypnosis happens when a suggestion (information) influences your subjective reality, and a part of you is always in hypnosis because part of you is always open to suggestion (information)

You can understand it like this: Focus of attention (Trance) + The perceived information (Suggestion) = The programming of your biological computer and the experience that is created from it (Hypnosis)

Therefore we can say, your personal truth is your personal hypnosis and your personal hypnosis creates your subjective reality.

Here are some examples when hypnosis occurs naturally.

When your attention is intensely focused on an activity that you are fully occupied with, such as reading a book, watching a film or having a conversation.

  • You experience hypnosis when watching a film
    You experience hypnosis when watching a film
  • You experience hypnosis when reading a book
    You experience hypnosis when reading a book
  • You experience hypnosis when having a conversation
    You experience hypnosis when having a conversation
You experience hypnosis just before going to sleep or just before waking up.
  • You experience hypnosis just before waking up
    You experience hypnosis just before waking up
  • You experience hypnosis just before going to sleep
    You experience hypnosis just before going to sleep
  • You experience hypnosis between deep sleep and being awake
    You experience hypnosis between deep sleep and being awake
Whilst cycling or driving you go on “autopilot” (highway hypnosis)
  • On the motorway you experience "highway hypnosis"
    On the motorway you experience "highway hypnosis"
  • While riding a bike you can experience hypnosis and therefore can completely forget a small or big part of your journey!
    While riding a bike you can experience hypnosis and therefore can completely forget a small or big part of your journey!
  • While driving a car you experience hypnosis and go on the "autopilot"
    While driving a car you experience hypnosis and go on the "autopilot"
You experience hypnosis when you daydream
  • A girl relaxing and enjoying hypnosis on a beautiful day
    A girl relaxing and enjoying hypnosis on a beautiful day
  • A young boy daydreaming and enjoying hypnosis
    A young boy daydreaming and enjoying hypnosis
  • A young girl fantasizing in hypnosis
    A young girl fantasizing in hypnosis
Riding a train is often very hypnotic due to the constant rhythmic movements and sounds
  • A child looks out the window of a train while in hypnosis
    A child looks out the window of a train while in hypnosis
  • A woman looks out the window of a train while in hypnosis
    A woman looks out the window of a train while in hypnosis
  • A man looks out the window of a train while in hypnosis
    A man looks out the window of a train while in hypnosis

What is the difference between a natural hypnosis and self-hypnosis?

A natural hypnosis happens automatically many times a day. Often we are not even aware that it happens because it is such a natural process.

Self hypnosis is deliberately self-created with your intention, attention, concentration, conviction and full control. You decide when it starts, how long it takes and when it ends (whether or not accompanied by a hypnotist)

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What is a hypnotic technique and how does it work?

A hypnotic technique is a technique that uses your imagination and feelings to realize a positive intention.

Because the imagination and feelings are free of the limitations of logic, evidence (before something has happened) and a fixed structure, we can use it to create and find creative solutions.

Often we are limited by structured thinking and because of this we stay in old fixed patterns. This is great when these fixed patterns work in our favour but it can also be a hindrance when we want to change.

Hypnotic transformations can be made much easier when we deliberately let our critical analytical thinking relax so that our imagination becomes more active and open to new information, suggestions and ideas that can improve the quality of our lives.

Our critical analytical thinking and our creative thinking (imagination) have different ways of processing new information and are actually the opposite of each other.

While our critical analytical thinking is responsible for protecting, preserving and strengthening our beliefs and our solid structure of reality, our creative thinking is working to challenge our beliefs and solid structure of reality with new options, ideas and suggestions.

The more active one is, the less active the other.

The left and right hemispheres of the brain

Here is a basic idea of the different functions of our left and right brain halves. Of course it is not as simple as the left does this and the right does that, but this idea is useful as a metaphor to be able to understand better the contrast in functions within our brain. If we can mix these two contrasts well, we can continue to enjoy the best of all functions because both hemispheres can work together and communicate better. This way the whole brain functions much better in a natural harmony.

Our critical analytical thinking has the responsibility to protect our personal qualities and solid structure of reality and this filtering mechanism works just like a “Guardian.”

This guard protects all our personal characteristics (such as our perceptions, beliefs, mentalities, behaviours, habits and so on) by critically analysing new information and checking whether it matches our beliefs, and whether it fits in with our fixed structure of reality.

If the new information matches, it is admitted and integrated into our inner world so that our personal qualities remain the same and are strengthened, if not it is automatically rejected and ignored (this is also called confirmation bias) This new information can for example come in the form of an idea or suggestion.

At the same time, our creative thinking is free of this filtering mechanism.

When our creative thinking is dominant, our “Guardian” has become passive and relaxed. This makes it possible for new information to gain access to our inner world, even if the new information is different from our beliefs and solid structure of reality.

In this way our personal qualities in our inner world can be adjusted.

Simply put, our critical analytical thinking stops changes while our creative thinking stimulates change.

In general, our critical analytical thinking is dominant when our attention is drawn to the outside tangible world that we share with each other. Our creative thinking is dominant when our attention is directed inwards to our own personal inner world.

During the course of a day, we naturally switch between these two valuable thinking abilities, but we can also consciously choose which of the two we want to use at a given moment.

So when we want to create hypnosis we ensure that our creative thinking becomes dominant. In this way we can then consciously make adjustments to our personal qualities in our inner world.

A “biological supercomputer” is a handy metaphor to use for our brain and body. 

Computer information

Metaphorically speaking we can compare our brain and body to a computer, a biological super computer and with every moment of every day we are programming our personal computer with our thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences.

Often we learn things consciously, and with attention, concentration and repetition we make constant adjustments to be able to do these things better.

Over time our subconscious mind takes over these things that we have learned and ensures that they are stored as automatic programs in our brain. (Subconscious mind means: The entire total of inner intelligent processes / The deeper intelligence of the body)

These programs can then be run whenever we want to use them. So things that we first learned step for step like walking, speaking, getting dressed and riding a bike, we can now do automatically and unconsciously. We don’t really need to give these things much attention because we have learned to do them so well.

Nearly all of our physical, mental and emotional actions can learned or unlearned in this way and this even changes the physical structure of our brain.

Neural plasticity

These physical adjustments happen when our brain cells that are called neurons, make connections with each other and communicate by means of electrical and chemical activity so that we can perform physical, mental and emotional actions.

Neurons in the brain

The more we do a certain action, the stronger the connection becomes between the specific neurons that are responsible for that action, and that makes it increasingly easier to do the same action again. At the same time other connections that are used less frequently can become increasingly weaker.

This is called neural plasticity.

So when you are doing something, you are strengthening the neural connections between the neurons in your brain to be able to do it better, and this goes for almost all your physical, mental or emotional actions.

This means that we can change almost anything in ourselves with the correct intention, attention, concentration, repetition and constant adjustments to be able to to it better and hypnosis is for this purpose a valuable tool that is highly suitable to help us.

Reprogramming our personal “biological supercomputer” with the help of hypnosis

Sometimes we have certain automatic programs in our brain that have to be adjusted or changed because they just don’t fit in with who we are any more, or who we would like to become. These automatic programs can then work against us and to our disadvantage by causing certain behaviours that we would like to change or stop completely.

Hypnotic techniques give us more freedom and control to be able to improve and optimise the communication between conscious and unconscious processes. We can realize what is “behind the scenes” and gain more and more insight into how unconscious processes affect us unconsciously.

This way we can reprogram our brain to our advantage by making the correct positive changes in our automatic behaviour so that these automatic programs are up to date and work again in our favour.

During the hypnosis we relax our ability to critically analyse new information which ensures that our ability to be creative becomes more active. This means that we can communicate positive suggestions and new ideas much easier and clearer to our subconscious mind.

In this trance state we are much more open and receptive to be able to accept new ideas so that we can change much more quickly and effectively.

By using our creativity in this way we can create a new opening that allows us to free ourselves from our old structured way of thinking and doing.

Hypnosis is perfect to use for this because it allows us to explore outside the limited boundaries of our critical/analytical thinking, fixed patterns and automatic programs that are restricting us and holding us back. 

This enables us to discover all kinds of new possibilities, resources and useful things that can help us to realize our positive intentions.

A limited perspective inside a labyrinth

Sometimes when we get stuck in certain situations, it may seem like we’re stuck in a labyrinth. We find it increasingly difficult to find an exit out of the limitations of the fixed structures that are always holding us back.

Overview of a labyrinth from the outside

But when we can look at the same situation with a new perspective beyond the boundaries of these limitations, the way out is suddenly easier to realize. In other words, when we remain zoomed in in a certain situation, our perception is really limited with little or no overview. But when we can zoom out of the same situation, we have a broader overview and therefore more awareness and insight to discover new possibilities and options so that we can make the right changes.

These hypnotic techniques help us to create new possibilities in places where it seemed like that were no solutions to find. This is because our ability to critically analyse is very restricted while our ability to think creatively (imagination) is open and free.

Using our imagination and motivated by our own good feelings we create a new opening and exit in the present reality that leads to a new reality with new possibilities and chances where we can realize our positive intentions.

Hypnosis comes in many forms and almost all forms of hypnosis are actually self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is a valuable skill that everyone can learn. It is a kind of self-created and self-controlled daydream that feels very trusted and familiar.

If you want to experience self-hypnosis, start with your hypnotic mindset. This means:

You have a positive intention for your self hypnosis session.

You take an active role in the hypnotic process and therefore also the responsibility for your own results.

You have a progressive positive mentality and therefore you expect positive results.

You choose to go into the hypnotic process and you intentionally create the trance yourself with your intention, attention, concentration, conviction and full control so that your imagination becomes dominant over your critical analytical thinking.

You decide when this process starts, how long it takes and when it ends.

You use your imagination, attention, concentration and intelligence as well as your feelings.

You are curious, flexible, creative, patient and you are open to discover and learn new things about yourself.

Your self hypnosis sessions are goal-oriented and therefore you are fully motivated to stimulate the hypnotic process positively with the right mentality, sufficient optimism, enthusiasm and therefore the real belief that you will succeed.

You are open and receptive to positive suggestions, new ideas, creative solutions, new opportunities and chances, resources, techniques, processes and anything that can help you in realizing your hypnotic intention.

You do your best to make the hypnotic process so fun and enjoyable, even if you are going to work on something difficult and heavy.

You are also aware of the fact that when you adopt this hypnotic mindset, this can have a gigantic positive effect on all results inside and outside your hypnosis sessions. That’s why you use it!

As your hypnotic guide, it is my responsibility to help you create and use that hypnotic mindset. You can then use this inside and outside the hypnosis sessions for the maximum effect in realizing your intentions.

In this way you are consciously and unconsciously working to create, experience, develop and strengthen optimal results.

Do you want to learn how to do self-hypnosis for free? Click here: Learn self-hypnosis

Self hypnosis with the guidance of a hypnotherapist

Even if I hypnotize you, this is actually also self-hypnosis (but with my guidance) because you have to want to experience it and be open for it. It is your attention, imagination, feelings and other qualities that you will use to create the hypnotic trance.

My function and responsibility as the hypnotist is to make this hypnotic process so simple, easy and effective for you. I can not force you into trance if you do not want to and I would not want that either. I can only help you to create the hypnotic experience. I can not do it for you.

Sometimes people have a certain idea or expectations of what a hypnotic trance “should be” and they can unfortunately block the benefits of the trance by continuing to analyze the process instead of letting go and fully immersing themselves in the trance experience to live it as if it is.

There are also many different types of hypnotic trances. For example, trance with your eyes open or with your eyes closed. Light or deep trance. Recognizable trance (that you are aware of it) and unrecognizable trance (that you do not even realize that you are in a trance) Your beliefs, habits, perceptions and thought processes all create hypnotic trances. Your identity is actually a trance too.

This is actually what we use hypnotherapy for. People come to me in certain trance that we can call “the problem” and they want to replace that with another trance that we can call “the solution”

Just like I said before, hypnosis is not really a “thing.” There is no special state that hypnosis is. A trance is simply “Focus of attention” and when we add suggestions it creates hypnosis. So it becomes a “hypnotic trance” A trance with suggestions.

This is simply formulated: Focus of attention (trance) + Suggestions (perceived information) = Hypnosis (programming your biological computer and the experience that is created from it)

It is also true during this process you can still decide which of the suggestions or instructions you want to accept or not. For example, if I say: “Close your eyes now and relax” you have to do that yourself because you still have control over your own body. So you do not lose control because you are “in a trance”, but you are open to new suggestions, ideas or insights that correspond with the changes you would like to make.

It is also not for me to decide which changes and solutions are best for you. That’s for you to know or to discover during the session. Sometimes you can realize afterwards what’s best for you because you consciously or unconsciously learned important things about yourself during the session.

It is my responsibility and intention to help you realize your positive intentions. I do this by guiding you through this hypnotic process. I then choose the right techniques, processes and strategies and apply them in the right way for you.

It remains a learning process and cooperation between us to create the hypnotic experience and you still have a free choice during this process.

For example, at any given moment you can clearly inform me that you want to pause or stop the process. This is always possible and it is also important that you know this.

Turning your attention inwards to experience a pleasant deep trance

A beautiful vacation place

You can compare “going into a deep hypnotic trance” with a beautiful vacation.

You treat yourself to some time away from the normal busyness of everyday life and you allow yourself to go to a special peaceful place in a nice friendly, beautiful, calm, safe environment (inside yourself) where you feel good and you can easily relax and enjoy a nice pleasant experience.

As the hypnotist I am just your friendly guide, that guides you through this process from beginning to end.

A nice quiet beautiful placeHere on the right is another example of a beautiful, peaceful friendly place. Of course your special place can be somewhere where you’ve been or would like to go to.

It can even be somewhere that doesn’t exist in the material world. Because you have total freedom in your imagination, you can create what you want how you want. You can mix fantasy and reality together to create a new reality whilst continuing to enjoy the relaxation, peacefulness and well-being that you’ve created.

With this particular method when we have created this deep trance state together, I can communicate clearly and directly with your subconscious by using questions and suggestions. I then work as a mediator and I work on your behalf.

Every question or suggestion that I communicate is completely in accordance with the information you have provided because we have clearly agreed in advance what your intent is so that the information I communicate exactly matches what you want. You can still listen and take an active role in this process.

After I have communicated this information directly and clearly to your subconscious and we have reached an agreement, the right changes can take place deep inside.

This means that these new agreements, positive suggestions, new ideas and valuable skills can become powerful allies for your health, well-being, happiness, personal development and control over physical, mental and emotional behaviour.

This kind of deep trance experience is just one kind of hypnotic tool that I use. There are many other types of techniques that can be used. For example: Regression, Parts therapy or NLP.

You do not always have to close your eyes. You can go into a trance while standing, sitting or lying with your eyes open or closed. Sometimes it is also desirable to talk during hypnosis and sometimes not.

Everyone experiences trance and hypnosis in his or her own special way and each trance is as unique as a person is.

Self-hypnosis without supervision is also easy to learn and fun to do. It is a skill that anyone can learn. It can help you to communicate better with yourself. When you master this you can adapt or change your own thinking processes without the guidance of a hypnotherapist. You are then your own hypnotherapist.

Metaphorically we can consider these different types of thought processes as automatic programs stored in your “biological super computer” (body). We can call these; your perceptions, beliefs, mentalities, behaviours, etc and with the help of hypnotic techniques you can (re) program or replace them as you wish.

You are the programmer of your own “biological super computer” and you can always choose what information, ideas or suggestions you consider important for programming. In the same way that you can choose what you want to learn or what kind of music should be in your play list.

Using hypnotic techniques you communicate clearly and directly with your subconscious about what is important to you. In this way you make it easier to realize your positive intentions because your subconscious has all your resources at its disposal and the creative intelligence to apply all these resources in the right way.

From the perspective of a person we are all hypnotists by nature

We constantly let ourselves be hypnotized with the information, ideas, suggestions, opinions, beliefs etc that we constantly share with each other. This information is regularly shared among us through language, images, sounds and actions.

All the information (suggestions) that we constantly encounter throughout the day has influence on how we perceive the world from our personal limited perspective and this information can make a small or big difference in our subjective reality. (Hypnosis happens when a suggestion influences our subjective reality and it is just as natural as breathing)

A “person” is a limited perspective with a set of filters that Consciousness (You) uses to perceive itself.

“The mind” is the most powerful hypnotist in your life! 

How is your relationship with thinking?

What thoughts come to you regularly?

With which thoughts do you associate with? And with which thoughts not?

Which thoughts do you consider important? And which thoughts not?

How do the thoughts communicate with you and what do they say?

Hypnosis can be created with attention, concentration and repetition, and repetition is very hypnotic, repetition is very hypnotic, repetition is very hypnotic 🙂

Notice what the thoughts in your head say and how they talk to you! But do not take them too seriously! You are not what the thoughts say you are. Consider yourself as a neutral, formless, conscious presence in the “Here and Now” that has the ability to assume any form or not. Consciousness.

Conscious = Realizing and Observing.

Ness = The state of.

“The state of realizing and observing what is happening in the Here and Now.

Being Conscious in the Here and Now.

So pay attention! Are the suggestions you perceive advantageous or disadvantageous from your perspective?

Are they helpful, positive and do they support you to make the best of life? Like:

“I can do this.” “I’m worthy.” “I’m looking forward to a nice day.” “I like to help other people.”

Are these kinds of positive suggestions repeated over and over again? If so, nice! These kinds of thoughts hypnotize you in a real positive advantageous way.

A woman looking in the mirror

Or are the suggestions disadvantageous? Are they restrictive, negative and do they try to stop and belittle you with an annoying tone. Like:

“I can not do this.” “I am worthless.” “I do not feel like it.” “I only help myself.”

Are these kinds of negative suggestions repeated over and over again? If so, beware! These kinds of thoughts hypnotize you in a real negative way.

Do you recognize this kind of negative chat in your head? If so, are you open to change it?

This is only possible in the “Here and Now” because we are constantly living in the Here and Now.

Where is “Here”? Here is where you are. It does not matter if you are at home, at work or anywhere else. Here is where you are constantly present. Here is where the play of life is shown.

And when will it be shown? “Now” of course because there is only one time and that time is always “Now.”

It has always been “Now” and it will always be “Now”.

We are constantly living in the “Here and Now.”

“Now” is when our life really happens and “Here” is where it really happens.

This is WHERE and WHEN all our POWER and POTENTIAL is! HERE and NOW.

Anything can happen in the “Here and Now”. You can allow powerful transformations to happen in your own life. It starts with realizing and observing what is happening in the here and now. Accepting what is happening and then if necessary taking the right actions in the here and now to allow it to change!

In the “Here and Now” powerful transformations can happen whereby old associations from the past can disappear that have stopped you from being who you want to be, or who you want to become.

It starts with realizing and observing what is happening in the “Here and Now”. Accepting what is happening and then if necessary taking the right actions in the here and now to allow it to change!

This is where and when the magic of life can be experienced. Here and now! Not in a imagined future and certainly not in a remembered past! So be open and let the natural changes happen because the past no longer exists.

The past is over, gone, disappeared, and everything of what’s left here and now of the past is just a concept of what it may have been then. The past is a thought and a concept that appears briefly in Consciousness remains for a moment and then disappears.


You are not the past.

You are not the future.

You are the “Here and Now!” And here and now is where all your power and potential is!

Realize this!

Enjoy it and appreciate it!

In the “Here and Now” the possibilities are unlimited and you can experience anything and everything.

What do you want? Realize what you want and then immediately take the right actions in the here and now!

And if something happens that you do not want, or if you think something might happen that you do not want, ask yourself these solution-oriented questions:

“What would I like instead?”

“And how do I accomplish this?”

And then immediately take the right actions in the here and now!

Here are even more solution-oriented questions;

In this situation:

“What would I like to have happen?”

“What can I do here and now to improve this situation?”

“Which mentality works best in my favour?”

“Which convictions work best in my favour?”

“What other meanings can I give to this situation?”

“How else can I view this situation in my favour?”

“What have I learned from this situation?”

“And now that I’ve learned these things, how am I going to approach this situation differently here and now?”

In the “Here and Now” we can all make powerful changes in ourselves by taking the right actions, and if those actions we perform do not produce enough good results, there will always be a chance in the “Here and Now” to make the right adjustments, or to do it differently this time.

A perspective of a train track

A simple example of how our perceptions can trick us. We know that the train tracks are parallel and yet we see them getting smaller and closer together in the distance. Our brain does its best to translate the information it receives.

Our dreams can become our truth. And because our personal “truth” is one limited perspective out of thousands of limited perspectives, we can change our perception of reality by shifting our attention from one position to the another. When this happens, we can consciously change our old perspectives and thus perceive things from a new perspective.

When you want to change the world, begin with yourself!

This becomes easier when you make a conscious choice to realize, perceive and recognize how the thoughts and feelings you experience work behind the scenes of your conscious attention. These constantly flow in the natural exchange of information between conscious and unconscious processes.

When you take responsibility for your own happiness because you are open to new possibilities, you can enjoy all the beautiful results that appear and take shape. This happens by realizing what is going on inside of you, accepting and allowing this and then taking the right actions if necessary to strengthen or change things.

The quality of your life is then significantly improved automatically because you have more insight and understanding about how things work in your system and how these things can affect you.

Realize for a moment that all materialistic things that have been made by humans started out as an action in the form of a thought or a feeling.

Literally out of nothing, a thought or a feeling is created and these elements influence and stimulate each other.This interaction creates even more thoughts and feelings and this creates even more action. This process continues until the results finally materialise and take form in our shared reality that we call “the world.”

Our imagination, thoughts and feelings are so powerful that they continue to create and influence our subjective reality!

Eventually over time these forms that have materialized become old, fade away and disappear back into the nothingness.

These materialistic forms emerge from nothing and return to nothing, just like the actions, thoughts and feelings that created them. But with the thoughts and feelings, this process of appearing and disappearing happens much faster.

For example the “life span” of a thought is about 1 to 5 seconds. The “life span” of a feeling can be a lot longer. But the “life span” of a house, a car or a telephone can be years and years.

Eventually every form, whether it be an thought, feeling, house, car or telephone returns to the nothingness from where it came and completes this natural process.

An hypnosis spiral

Another optical illusion. Is the spiral really spinning? Or does it just seem like it is? You decide.

Imagine that today goes precisely as you would like, what happens then?

What fun things do you do? What kind of images do you see in your imagination? What are you doing exactly? Where? When? With who?

And what kind of sounds do you hear as well? Laughing? Talking with friends? Silence? Music? Something else?

And what kind of great feelings do you experience? Happiness? Warmth? Enjoyment? Enthusiasm? Something else?

How much happiness do you allow yourself?

How much pleasure can you stand?

Activate your imagination and let any restrictions disappear. Feel good and be completely free in your creativity.

Realize these new ideas by asking yourself some solution-focused questions:

“What choices and adjustments can I make here and now so that these things really happen?”

“How can I realize these good ideas here and now?”

“What are the best actions that I can take here and now to get these things done?”

Because you always have the ability to have a direct positive influence on how certain thoughts and feelings affect you. The question is: Are you open to getting to know yourself better here and now?

Do you want to discover your own inner powers and natural abilities?

And do you want to use these to take the right actions so that your best self can appear and continue to develop in the here and now

Or are you going to take no action at all and hope for a bit of luck? Perhaps blame other people or other situations out of frustration when nothing happens?

Imagine how good you will feel when your positive intentions have been realized because you have taken action with some effort instead of doing nothing. How much better will the quality of your day and your life become?

Hypnotic techniques, processes and strategies help us realize and perceive what is going on in our unconscious so that we can better understand how these mental and emotional processes affect us without our knowing of it.

With these new insights and concepts, we can make new connections and take the right actions to automatically improve and optimize the natural communication between our conscious and unconscious processes. This way inner conflicts can be solved in a natural way.

That’s why hypnosis is such a powerful tool for communication, personal development and positive change!

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