Self-realization / Hypnotherapy

Get to know yourself better and discover your own inner powers!

Self-realization (Zelfrealisatie) is the realization and perception of what is happening in you and the simple recognition of who and what you really are.

This can be experienced in different degrees and on different levels. From gaining insights, understandings or revelations in certain contexts or situations to the complete deconstruction and releasing of all mental illusions and identification with form.

Hi! My name is Dave Wright.

I am a certified hypnotherapist and member of the International Hypnosis Association. Zelfrealisatie Amsterdam is the name of my hypnotherapy practice and is located in Amsterdam.

Do you want to realize continually more happiness, appreciation and well-being in life? Who doesn’t?

Do you currently have a problem, situation or challenge that is holding you back?

Are you looking for someone who can properly guide, support and help you?

If the answer is yes, I am fully motivated to help people who want to help themselves. I do this with the aid of Hypnotherapy and Awareness meditation.

Are you open to getting to know yourself better in order to gain valuable insights so that you truly empower yourself?

Are you ready to make important, powerful and permanent changes to improve the quality of your life?

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Self-realization – Self-love – Self-reliance

I consider “hypnotherapy” as a hypnotic transformation process of self-realization in which I will help you to get to know yourself better so that you can simply solve your own problems / situations.

We will do the toughest work together and will I teach you how to do this while you do it so that you can do it independently on your own. When you regularly apply these insights and skills in your daily life, you will become your own hypnotherapist.

Therefore, the core of my approach consists of these three basic elements:

Self-realization – Gaining insight into subconscious processes / natural mechanisms in your system so that you understand how they work. More info? Click here: Self-realization / Consciousness

Self love – How you interact / communicate / connect with yourself. More info? Click here: Self-love

Self-reliance – That you can apply everything you have learned with me in your daily life so that it becomes normal and automatic for you just like other skills you have learned. You will then be able to continue independently with the right mentality, understanding and methods, and you will communicate with yourself in a loving, respectful and therefore valuable way.

I’m all for the self-empowerment of people and that’s why I encourage you to learn new skills that will significantly improve the quality of your life. I do this as standard with all my clients during sessions.

On this website I have done my best to list important insights and methods together with a detailed explanation of how they work and how you can apply them too. You can do this independently without me if you wish (these pages can be found on the menu bar above each page)

Of course it is much easier to apply these insights and methods effectively if you have a lot of experience or if you do them with me, but the more you experiment with curiosity, playfulness and enthusiasm yourself the faster you can learn and the easier it becomes to heal or transform yourself. It’s that simple!

That’s how I started years ago and that’s why I now want to give you the opportunity to do it now completely free of charge by learning it from this website. So take responsibility for your own happiness and go for it and enjoy the learning process!

If you would rather have my help, you can make an appointment now for a free consultation and we can discuss the options. I’m more than happy to help you. Schedule a free consultation?

Hypnotherapy is using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

For example:

Partstherapy: Hypnotic mediating – Mediating and resolving inner conflicts and other miscommunications between the different “parts” of a person’s personality.


Ideomotor communication (non-verbal hypnotic communication) – Direct communication with the body’s deeper intelligence to detect and resolve unconscious blockages.

The deeper intelligence of the body communicates in feelings (sensations and emotions) and movements and actions. This is of course non-verbal communication.

With this deeper intelligence of the body we can create a hypnotic communication system with the use of finger signals. One finger moves for “Yes” and another finger moves for “No”

The fingers then move “by themselves” because the answers come from a subconscious level. This happens “outside” the conscious intention of the person and bypasses the intellect (critical analytical thinking)

We then have direct access to information that is normally hidden “behind the scenes” and I can find out a lot easier what is going on at a subconscious level.

I can then mediate and collaborate with this deeper intelligence of the body to solve your (unconscious) problem.

This is a very powerful hypnotic communication tool that I use very often.


Regression therapy / Inner child work – A regression is the mental construction of thoughts, images, sounds and feelings of a past event or situation to gain new perspectives, insights, meanings and understandings in the here and now.

More info? Click here: Regression therapy / The inner child


Past life regression / Reincarnation therapy – This works just like a normal regression but with an emphasis on past life(s)

With a normal regression (this life) it tends to be a quick in and out experience, maybe 5 to 20 minutes each time.

With a past life the experience is much longer maybe 1 or 2 hours each time.

You don’t have to believe in past lives to use this valuable tool for personal development and positive change.

If you do not believe in past lives, you can consider a past life regression as a long-term metaphor that you experience as a daydream and is rich with insights, concepts, and perhaps even revelations about your present situation or problem.

This works just as well.


The power and magic of forgiveness 

Forgiveness is letting go of the past so that you can be happy in this future here and now.

Therefore, we can replace the word “forgiveness” with the words “letting go” and say: The power and magic of letting go.

Forgiveness is NOT approval or saying “We are friends now” Not at all!

Forgiveness is a simple choice between:

Happiness – Peace – Well-being – Harmony – Freedom in the Here and Now (forgive and therefore let go)

– or –

Pain – Unrest – Suffering – Conflict – Imprisonment in the past (not forgiving and therefore holding onto)

You forgive for yourself, not for the people who hurt or wronged you!

It’s about how good you feel, and how good you feel is what really matters, right?

More info about hypnotic forgiveness? Click here: The power and magic of forgiveness


Awareness meditation

Awareness meditation is the realization and observation of what is happening in your subjective experience in the here and now. It is therefore also the basis of everything you experience.

More info? Click here: Awareness meditation


Here are some examples when hypnotherapy could be used to help you.

Maybe you suffer from an inner conflict. A “part” of you wants to stop a certain behaviour but another “part” doesn’t. It seems like you are doing this behaviour “automatically” and you find it difficult to stop. This points to an inner conflict that can be helped with hypnotic mediation. Parts therapy.

Or maybe it’s time to deal with physical, mental or emotional pain because you’ve been suffering from it for too long. You often then have to deal with difficult heavy emotions such as: Sadness. Fear. Anger. Shame. Stress. Guilt. Loneliness. Regret. And so on.

I would like to help you with this!

Sometimes it is good to take a look behind the scenes of your own system to discover what is happening.

This so that you can discover new insights, possibilities and options with which you can use your own natural abilities to optimize your own system so that you are much happier in life.

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I think it’s important that we can meet and talk about your intentions first without you having to pay for it.

Maybe I can help you, maybe not. It depends on what you want. This way we can have a relaxed informal conversation about your current situation and what you would like instead.

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My mission and passion

My mission in life is simple: Enjoy, appreciate and be happy and help others to experience this also.

I think everyone has the right to be happy in life regardless of what he or she has experienced. That is why I am offering this service of self-realization and hypnotherapy..

Helping and guiding people in this way has become one of my biggest passions in life because I love doing it and it really helps people make important changes. Every time it is different and unique and it remains super interesting!

I have used these powerful hypnotherapy techniques, processes and strategies for years to improve the quality of my own life. So I am confident when used correctly that they will work. Self-realization and hypnotherapy is not something I do occasionally. These skills and understandings are fully integrated in my daily life because I am constantly using them.

I can honestly say that I would do this for free because I find it so enjoyable and interesting. The only reason I do not do this for free has nothing to do with money.

Life has ensured that I have enough money to make ends meet because I have a super fun part time job with which I pay the bills and this ensures that my motivation remains pure.

I am spiritually orientated rather than materialistic. That is why I offer my self-realization and hypnotherapy services to help people and not to make money. This is my way of giving something back to life for what I already have.

Of course I ask a reasonable fee for my energy, dedication, knowledge, skills and experience but my priority is to help you.

You need the right mentality if you want to use hypnotherapy to help you make changes

The reason why I still ask for payment for my help has everything to do with your mentality.

Often when people get something for free, they have a low appreciation for what they get. They often have the attitude: “I’ll try it” and they flirt with the idea of ​​change. This is not enough!

If you want to make powerful, important, permanent changes with the help of hypnotherapy you need the right mentality.

The right mentality is:

“I enjoy this process of change”

“How can I make the best out of this?”

“I do my best to make the best of this”

“I am curious and enthusiastic”

“I am open to getting to know myself better”

“Learning about myself is fun and useful”

“I do this for myself, not because I am being forced to by other people”

So when you are willing to pay money you are telling me and yourself:

“I am willing to invest in my own happiness and well-being”

“This is really important to me”

“I’m going for it completely”

“I am really ready to discover myself”

This is the right mentality!

This is what I want to hear and see because this is what is really needed if you really want to improve the quality of your life by using hypnotherapy. Without the right mentality you are just fooling yourself that you want to change and you are wasting your time, energy and money and I will not allow you do that with me.

If what I say here resonates with you then have a look round this website or make an appointment for a free consult for 1 hour. There is a lot of information to discover here. Click on the links below or above in the menu. Enjoy!

Self-realization / Hypnotherapy

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