Self-realization / Consciousness

Self-realization is the realization and perception of what is going on inside us and on the deepest level the simple recognition of who and what we really are.

We can experience this in different degrees and on different levels. For example, we can gain more insight and understanding into a particular context or situation or we can experience the complete deconstruction and release of all mental illusions and identification with form.

Who are you?

The person you think you are is constantly changing and is therefore temporary. This is identification with form. The form in this case is a thought and therefore it is a personal mental perspective.

The person you think you are is a thought that occasionally appears in Consciousness, stays for a moment and then disappears. Those thoughts come and go so your own self-image continues to change even if you do not even realize it.

Every idea about your identity is an imaginary self and it continues to change. It is a limited perspective with a certain set of filters that Consciousness (You) use to perceive yourself as the world of form.

This idea about ​​your identity that keeps changing is just like a uniform that you wear at that moment that you use to play a role in a scene in the play of life. Through the course of the day you wear different uniforms and you play in different roles in different scenes.

For example, you play the role of a brother, sister, mother, father, partner or a friend. At work you play the role of the function you perform at that moment and when have some free time you may play the role of a visitor at a café, film or concert.

Consciousness takes on many forms

At work you play the role of the function you perform. You literally and figuratively wear the appropriate uniform.

The uniform that you wear and the role you play is determined by what you are doing at that moment and the context in which you do it. For example: If you are cycling, you are a “cyclist” If you work in a shop you are a “salesman” When you stand behind the bar you are a “bartender” and so on.

But these labels are not really what you “are” this is what you do and what you do continues to change. Who you think you are is often based on what you do and what you have done. But WHAT you really are is not what you do because what you do is constantly changing.

These different “do uniforms” you wear just like clothes and like your clothes you can also change them if you want to. If you have clothing that is old, no longer suitable for you or that you do not like any more, you can wear other clothing. Because you are not your clothes. You are the only one who wears them. This is also possible with every behaviour you carry out. If it no longer suits you, is old or you do not like it any more, you can change it.

Emotional states are also different uniforms that we wear. Emotions motivate us to do certain actions or not. We can associate with these emotions or we can distance ourselves from them.

For example, if we are associated with our emotions we say:

“I am happy” “I am angry” “I am relaxed” “I am sad” (associated) You have then temporally become the emotion. You are the emotion for a while and you wear its uniform.

Union (association) + Form (in this case an emotion) = An association with a form: Uniform. (Other examples of forms are: thoughts, emotions, sensations, labels, names and so on.

Everything that comes after the understanding “I am” continues to change, in this case the emotional states. “I am” (the Consciousness) is the wearer of the temporary uniform. You wear the uniform temporally.

If we take a step backwards and we look at the temporary emotions from the outside we then say:

“I feel happy” “I feel angry” “I feel relaxed” “I feel sad” (distanced) The emotion is “there” and you are the observer of the emotion “here” You are the feeler of the emotion. “I am” (the Consciousness) feels the emotion.

Emotions come and go but you (the Consciousness) remain the perceiver of these emotions. You “wear” these emotional states for a while, but you are not them. These are temporary visitors at your home. And where is your home? In the “Here and Now” This is where and when everything happens in life.

The uniforms that you wear, the roles you play and the scenes you play in, keep changing, but you are the one who realizes, perceives and experiences all of this. This is the “Neutral You” and this neutral you never changes.

We can call this “Neutral You”: Conciousness. Awareness. The observer. The ability to perceive. The “Here en Now”

What are you?

What you really are is the pure potential to wear these different uniforms, play the roles and experience the scenes while you are constantly realizing and perceiving what is happening.

What you really are never changes and is therefore timeless. This is dissociation from form and identification with the formless. It is impersonal and it goes much deeper than the temporary thoughts and concepts that continually come and go.

Realize what you really are.
You are unlimited potential, unconditional love and total freedom.

You are formless, boundless and invisible to thinking.
You are the timeless presence in the here and now and therefore also the pure potential of what is.
You are totally neutral and completely transparent.
You are the silent space of the endless nothingness in which every experience appears, happens and disappears.
You are the real, deepest, true self.

You are the source of everything and you are not two.
You are the pure natural energy of what is that can not be destroyed.
You are Consciousness playing in the endless nothingness
You are the present observer in the here and now
and this present observer can not be observed.
You are actually incomprehensible and inexplicable.
You have no life because you are life itself.

Actually we can never really say with words and concepts what you really are because the description of the experience is not the experience itself. We can only point to what you are with these kind of words, nothing more.

What is really true for all of us?

What is true for us all? The answer: We are present here and now and we can all realize, perceive and therefore experience what is happening. This is of course due to our ability to realize, in other words our ability to perceive. We all have this ability. There is no one who does not have this ability.

This ability to realize what is happening has never changed or disappeared in our lives and is therefore what we are at the deepest level. All other elements in our lives continue to change. Thoughts, emotions, sensations, images, sounds and so on come and go and they keep changing.

Different cells of the human body

Even our body is constantly changing. At any moment, about 1 to 3 million of our cells die but at the same time there are also 1 to 3 million of them made.

What we realize is constantly changing but our ability to realize never changes.


Has there ever been a time in your life when you could realize that your ability to realize was gone? How can you ever realize that your ability to realize is gone? This cant be done can it?

Can you turn off your ability to perceive now?

Just try it. Try to turn off your ability to perceive for a moment and try to perceive that you are not perceiving any more.

Where you able to do it?

I do not think so because it is impossible!

We have different names for Realisation such as: Perception. Conciousness. Awareness. These are different labels that all point to the same understanding. The name or label is unimportant. That which the labels point to is important.

WHAT we all experience is different because we all perceive the world from different perspectives.

The fact THAT we can all realize and perceive what we are experiencing is true for us all. This is a universal fact. We can realize and we can perceive.

Without our awareness we can not realize what is happening.

Without our ability to perceive nothing can be perceived in our subjective experience.

This is obvious and it ensures that we all can realize and perceive what is happening in our subjective experience in the here and now.

Ask yourself this question regularly and realize what happens: “Am I perceiving?”

Realize that you are constantly realizing and observe that you are constantly observing.

This is the deepest realization! 

Duality and Non-duality

Life is one system. One life. One changing process. One infinite event. One Consciousness. This one Consciousness that we actually are is divided into two imaginary parts by thinking. We call this: Duality.

Consciousness realizes, perceives and experiences.

Thinking judges, suggests and makes associations.

Consciousness perceives thinking but thinking can not perceive Consciousness.

Thinking happens in Consciousness and is perceived by Consciousness. When Consciousness perceives itself through the filter of thought, it seems as if everything in Consciousness is two-sided. Good and bad. Positive and negative. Beneficial and disadvantageous. One person and one world. This is because our ability to realize that is in fact unlimited in its nature, seems to be limited by our senses or in other words it is filtered.

The 5 senses. Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell.

We call these filters:

Seeing. Hearing. Feeling. Smelling. Tasting

Through these filters we experience:

Light. Sound. Feeling. Odour. Taste.

Everything our awareness “touches” we realize. We perceive it. It is these filters that seem to impose the limitations but our ability to realize is actually unlimited.

Consciousness (We) take a form. This form is called a body and we identify with the body. It seems as if we are separated from the world. A person and a world. But there is no real separation. We breathe the air. We eat the food. We move in the space. We are connected to the world and the world to us. The separation is just like our identity, imaginary.

From our own limited personal perspective we are separate forms:

“Oneself” or “Yourself” or “Myself”

This suggests: “Duality” For example: Myself and the world. Two different things.

From an impersonal perspective we are all one. One Consciousness. One energy. One self:

“The Self”

This suggests: Non-duality. Not two. There is no real separation. All separations are imaginary.

Nature and Consciousness

Metaphorically, Consciousness is the seed from which all the stems, branches, leaves, fruit and flowers of life grow. It is also the soil and every other element in that natural process.

Consciousness is the only material from which everything is made. If you remove Consciousness then the rest disappears.

We all experience consciousness. Not everyone uses the five general senses: Seeing. Hearing. Feeling. Smelling. Tasting. But everyone who lives, realizes and perceives what is happening and we call this Consciousness.

Conscious = Realizing and Observing.

ness = The state of.

Consciousness = The state of realizing and perceiving what is happening.

Consciousness is not actually something we have. Consciousness is the core and essence of who and what we really are. This means that all of us at the deepest level are one Consciousness because it is the only experience that is true for all of us.

One Consciousness. One space. One silence. One energy.

Just as there is only one Consciousness, there is only one space, one silence and one energy. They are different names from different perspectives that name the same understanding.

Thought divides space and suggests that there are multiple spaces and that one space is different from another. For example a workspace and a living space. But space is space. There is actually no difference. What happens in space differs but the space itself always remains the same.

Without the space, forms can not appear, stay and disappear. In what would they appear if there was no space? We can not live and move around without the space.

The space is just like a 3D holographic computer screen on which or in which all forms, patterns and events happen.

The silence is everywhere. Without the silence we can not hear any sounds. The silence is like an empty sheet of paper on which all the sounds are drawn or written.

The energy is the “matter” from which everything is made. It is the vibration and the frequency of what’s happening.

The space and the silence connect everything together. This is the conscious silent space of the “Here and Now” in which every form appears, happens and disappears. It is the pure magical energy of life consciousness and we are that.

Consciousness. Energy. Frequency. Vibration.

Where is Consciousness to be found and can it be observed?

We can not find Consciousness in our body, brain, or the universe but we know it exists otherwise we can not perceive the universe and not experience life.

Consciousness as energy.

But what is really striking is that we can easily find our bodies, brains and the universe in Consciousness. So Consciousness is not an imaginary spark that temporarily burns for our lives just as it is thought.

Consciousness is that in which our body, brain and universe appear temporarily. They are the sparks in Consciousness. So we are this Consciousness in which the process of life happens.

And where does life actually happen? Here.

And where is “Here”? Here is where we constantly are.

And when does life happen? Now.

And when is it “Now”? It is always Now.

This means: Consciousness is the “Here and Now” and the “Here and Now” is Consciousness. They are two different names for the same understanding and we are that.

The “Here and Now” is constantly present. Just like Consciousness, the “Here and Now” never goes away.

The “Here and Now” is the silent space in which every experience appears, happens and disappears.

The silent space of the “Here and Now” is therefore where and when the play of life is shown.

So we are the conscious silent space of the “Here and Now” In other words: The pure magical energy of life consciousness and everything happens in us.


Get to know yourself better.

Discover your own inner powers.

Appreciate and enjoy life more and more!


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