Professional hypnotherapy and transformation education, courses and training that I have done

Below is a general overview of the (self) hypnosis / hypnotherapy / transformation education, courses and training I have done over the last 9 years.

During this learning process I chose every training step by step so that I could work on my own problems, situations and challenges that were active at the time.

This means that almost every technique, process and strategy that I have learned, I first tested on myself before using it with other people. This allowed me to discover how and why these techniques work (or don’t work) and adjust, change or refine them to optimize their effectiveness.

I also think it is very important that I can always learn from many different professional hypnosis trainers and spiritual teachers who have different ideas and methods from each other so that I can be flexible and not stay stuck in one limited idea about hypnosis or reality.

This list has been drawn up in a random order.


International Hypnosis Association – Certified member since 2013

Keith Livingston – Director of Education and Operations International Hypnosis Association

Hypnosis certification – How to hypnotize. Turbo charging hypnotic suggestions.

Parts therapy

Self hypnosis

Hybrid regression therapy

Smoking cessation

Weight loss

Covert and conversational hypnosis

Metaphor and advanced metaphor

Sleight of mouth

Phobias fears and anxieties relief

Healing trauma

Allergy relief


Hypnosis Training Academy (Igor Ledochowski) –

Hypnotic pain control

Mind bending language

Advanced master class – Mind bending language

Advanced mind bending language for hypnotherapy

Instant inductions

Turn conversations instantly hypnotic

Covert hypnotic revivification

The path to hypnosis mastery


Edwin Selij –


Conversationele hypnose

Pijn bestrijding

Parts therapy

Quantum hypnose


James Tripp –

Hypnotherapy heresy

No fail protocol

Smoking cessation

Self-hypnosis and personal alchemy

Jorgen Rasmussen –

21st Century regressions


Adam Eason –

The secrets of self hypnosis

The science of self hypnosis

Rapid inductions for hypnotherapists


Barry Thain –

Clinical hypnotism in practice

Hypnotism for hypnotherapists


Bob Burns –

The Swan

Direct Voice


American Hypnosis Association –

Emergency hypnosis (Verbal First Aid)


David Snyder –

STEALTH hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis

Point click therapy


Mark Waldman –  

Neurosecrets of happiness


Kyle Cease –

Love rising

The limitation game

Deep down


Mike Mandel Hypnosis –

Hypnotic power inductions

Brain software

Modern Hypnotherapy with Freddy and Anthony Jacquin


Mark Beale –

Spirit releasement therapy

Past life regression therapy


Karen E Wells –

Exploring the past to heal the present

Advance past life regression

Between lives regression – Hypnosis between and beyond


OMNI hypnosis –

Fear and phobia removal – Jerry Kein

Pain elimination – Jerry Kein

Hypnosis for cancer – Jerry Kein

Answer cancer seminar – Steve Parkhill

Spirit possession – Tisha Hallet

Entity releasement – Rick Boyes


Richard Bandler –

Class of a master


Stephan Wolinsky –

Waking from the trance – A practical course for developing multidimensional awareness


Other training

113 Zelfmoord preventie –

Suïcide preventie training (crisislijnen)

Suicide prevention training (Crisis line)


EHBDD (Eerste hulp bij drank en drugs) – 

First aid with drink and drugs


Important books

Dabney M Ewin. Bruce N Elmer

Ideomotor Signals for Rapid Hypnoanalysis, A How to manual


David B Cheek, MD

Hypnosis – The application of ideomotor techniques


E a Barnett

Analytical hypnotherapy – Principals and practice


Gordon Emmerson, PHD

Learn resource therapy


William J Baldwin, DDS, PHD

Spirit releasement therapy – A technique manual


Richard Bandler

Using the power of hypnosis to create effortless and everlasting change


Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I Am That


Eckhart Tolle

The power of now

Stillness speaks

A new earth


Also these spiritual teachers/message givers have greatly influenced me. They can easily be found on YouTube.

Rupert Spira


Eckhart Tolle

Tony Parsons

Jim Newman

Ramana Maharshi

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Robert Adams

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