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FREE 1 hour consultation.

I am exempt from btw (VAT) This means that all prices are without btw (VAT) and there are NO extra costs.

95 Euro per session

Session duration: Between 90 – 120 minutes.

With a free 1 hour consultation we can have a relaxed conversation about what you really want and find out if I can help you or not.

More info about my work methods? Click here: About my methods

If you pay in advance for 3 or more sessions a discount can be arranged.

Because I find a 3 to 5 session process much more effective, a discount can be arranged if you pay in advance for 3 sessions or more. For example advance payment of 3 sessions will cost in total 255 Euro (85 euros each) inclusive btw (VAT) It is different for everyone how often the sessions are done. In general, that could be one session per week to one session per month. It depends on many factors.

If you decide for example after 1 session that the rest is not needed, you can pay for the 1 session at the normal price of 95 Euro and get the rest of the money back, or you can put the extra sessions in the bank for another time to work on something else.

You can find a complete overview of all my discount prices at the bottom of this page.

At your request it is also possible to do the sessions at home and you can also have somebody with you if you would like. In this case it will be your responsibility to ensure that we will not be disturbed by other people, house pets, telephones etc.

In the case of cancellations

I give my time freely to people and that’s why I offer you a free consultation. At the same time, I find it very important that you respect my time. That’s why I want to make these simple rules clear.

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed date and time.

With a free consultation, if you cancel within 24 hours or don’t show up, you will not be charged but I won’t make any more appointments with you.

If you are later than 20 minutes without contacting me I will assume you are not going to show up. I will then immediately cancel the appointment and I wont make anymore appointments with you.

With a paid session, if you cancel within 24 hours before the agreed date and time, you will be charged 50 euros.

If you are later than 20 minutes without contacting me, I will assume that you are not going to show up and cancel the appointment and charge 50 euros for this.

Please come on time!

The sessions take place at:

Louis Chrispijnstraat 13 – 2 (bel is on the left hand side)

Zelfrealisatie Amsterdam price list from 1-1-2024

FREE CONSULTATION duration 1 hour = 0 Euro
All paid sessions last from 90 to 120 minutes
95 Euro per session

1 session 95 Euro
2 sessions 180 Euro total. This is 90 Euro per session. Total discount = 10 Euro
3 sessions 255 Euro total. This is 85 Euro per session. Total discount = 30 Euro
4 sessions 320 Euro total. This is 80 Euro per session. Total discount = 60 Euro
5 sessions 375 Euro total. This is 75 Euro per session. Total discount = 100 Euro
With ADVANCE PAYMENT of 6 or more sessions the price remains at 75 Euro per session. Or if you buy 5 sessions, each separate session after that remains at the price of the 5 session price (75 Euros per session)

Please note!
These prices are only valid when the total amount is paid before the start of the first session.
All prices and conditions are subject to change.

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Thanks and have a nice day!