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Direct suggestion self-hypnosis 

Welcome to this page of my website that is dedicated to help you learn to easily, powerfully and naturally hypnotize yourself. 

Pre-suggestion method

You can also learn how to formulate your own powerful hypnotic suggestions and give them to yourself before entering trance. This method is called: Pre-suggestion.

Self-hypnosis is a valuable skill that anyone can learn. The free instruction audio at the top of this page will guide you step by step through a simple hypnotic process. It will help you develop your skills over time so that you can become independent and just do it all by yourself without the audio.

If you would like to just experience this hypnotic process without giving yourself any of your own suggestions that’s fine. You can just use this hypnosis audio for your own well-being, relaxation and happiness as it is. Just play it and follow the simple instructions.

There are also already some standard suggestions integrated into the audio that you can utilize. If you would like to give yourself your own suggestions this is also possible and highly recommended.

Learn to formulate your own hypnotic suggestions

If you don’t yet know how to formulate your own hypnotic suggestions and would like to learn you can learn that here: Learn self-hypnosis – Formulate your own hypnotic suggestions

There are also some language structures there already that you can use to easily formulate your own hypnotic suggestions by just adding a few words here and there, and also some ready make examples of hypnotic suggestions you can use straight away. 

Set your positive intention for the hypnosis session (The suggestion phase) 

The first part of the audio guides you through setting your positive intention for the self-hypnosis session and teaches you how to give your own hypnotic suggestions to yourself.

This method can be called the pre-suggestion technique because you give your suggestions to yourself before you enter your hypnotic trance. Its very effective and easy. You can think of a hypnotic trance as a daydream like state.

I have personally used this pre-suggestion method many many times over the years to successfully reprogram my ‘biological computer’

During the audio I will ask you to repeat some suggestions after me (line by line) so that you set your positive intention for the session. Here is a transcript of what I will ask you to repeat in italics. Its recommended that you copy them out on a piece of card or paper in your own hand writing and then read them out loud when I ask you to repeat them after me:

“I am now going into this hypnotic trance ……………
to give myself these important hypnotic suggestions …………….
And every time I go into trance……………
I go in much easier, quicker, deeper and better than the time before ……………”

If you have your own hypnotic suggestions that you have already written down please pause this recording now and read them out loud to yourself.
Reading them out loud activates more neurons in your brain than just thinking them which makes your hypnotic suggestions far more powerful.
Also read them out loud congruently in a enthusiastic, positive, friendly tone.
You may repeat them several times if you wish.
And when you’re finished you can start this recording again.

(you read your own suggestions here)

Okay so lets continue.
Please repeat these words after me, congruently in a enthusiastic, positive, friendly tone and make them your own

“And every time that I go into self-hypnosis ………………..
I increase my self hypnosis skills and understandings ……………
and discover new insights and leanings ……………
because I am learning consciously and subconsciously all the time ……………
which ensures that I continue to optimize ……………
the natural connection with my deeper self ……………”

“And during this hypnotic trance……………
my deeper intelligence will make the correct adjustments ……………
so that these hypnotic suggestions ……………
happen easily, naturally and fully automatically……………
Thank you very much deeper self, much appreciated ……………”

The suggestion phase of the audio lasts about 8 minutes. The rest is the hypnosis session. It lasts about 22 minutes. It comprises of the induction phase and the hypnotic experience created by the induction. If you allow it, I will then guide you into a very deep hypnotic trance whist teaching you consciously and subconsciously how to do it all by yourself without the audio.

After you have set your positive intention for the session and completed the suggestion phase the induction phase will begin. This is easy to learn and fun to do.

Entering a hypnotic process to create a hypnotic experience (The induction phase)

The induction phase is how we induce or create a hypnotic experience. On this audio we can divide it up in these elements.

Eye fixation and relaxing and closing the eyelids: Fixating your eyes in an upward position until they get tired, relax and close.

Physical relaxation: Spreading the high quality of relaxation you have in your eyelids throughout your whole body so that your body becomes deeply relaxed.

Fractionation: Opening and closing your eyes to come out of trance for a moment and then to go back into trance again, every time going much deeper than the time before. This feels great. Its just like jumping into a warm pool of well-being and relaxation, getting out and then jumping back in again and going even deeper every time.

Programming a hypnotic trigger with a hypnotic suggestion: Using the hypnotic suggestion “Deeper relaxed” to go profoundly deep into physical and mental relaxation. In this part of the process I will ask you multiple times to repeat the phrase “Deeper relaxed” after me.

Each time you hear and say this phrase it will help you go deeper into the hypnotic experience and at the same time it will also program a strong association between the words “Deeper relaxed” and ‘going deeper into self-hypnosis’

This phrase can then be used in the future as a powerful hypnotic trigger that you can use to induce self-hypnosis again without having to use any of the other elements of this hypnotic induction. This way you can create self-hypnosis almost instantly anywhere when it is safe to do so.

Please note: If you do use this hypnotic trigger on your own without this audio, it is highly recommended that you repeat the phrase “Deeper relaxed” in the rhythm of your breathing, preferably out loud, either just before you breathe out, or just after you have breathed out. This is deeply hypnotic because breathing is a (automatic) subconscious action and when you synchronize the conscious and subconscious in this way your whole system resonates in harmony which of course feels amazing!

Using numbers to go even deeper: Counting backwards from 10 to 1 to go even deeper with each number.

Enjoy the deep hypnotic trance you have created 🙂

With every time you use the audio you may well ‘drift off’ easier and faster into a daydream like state and forget where you are before completing the rest of the other elements of this hypnotic induction. If this happens great, you don’t need to do the rest because you are already in a deep trance.

Understanding the different elements of this hypnotic induction and how they can be used differently 

In principal you could just use any one of those elements by itself to create a deep trance. You don’t need to do them all every time but in the beginning because you are learning its good to use and experience them all. You can then choose the elements you like the best and use them.

Think of each element as a separate piece of a structure that you can put together in a different way. You might like some pieces better than others, or some might work better for you than others. You might want to use them in a different order and so on.

Notice what works for you and do more of that

Always be open to experiment and play with different ideas and methods. Notice what works for you and do more of that. Notice what doesn’t work so well and do less of that or adjust it so that it works better. This is actually a great mentality to use in every day life!

Become aware of the signs of trance (The hypnotic experience phase)

When doing self-hypnosis often people wonder: Am I doing it right? Am I in hypnosis? How do I know that I’m in hypnosis? And so on. Often these kind of questions just block the hypnotic experience from flowing and developing so its good to be able to recognize some signs of trance so that you know that you are ‘in hypnosis’ without having to analyze and think about it (there is a general list of these signs of trance a little bit further down this page)

In reality hypnosis is happening all the time in everyday life. There are many different forms of hypnosis that can be recognized and used to our advantage.

In this context here we are purposely using trance and suggestion to create self-hypnosis. You can consider it like this simple equation:

Trance (focus of attention) + suggestions (perceived information) = Self-hypnosis (the programming of our biological computer and the experience it creates)

To do this we are purposely relaxing our body and our critical analytical thinking to focus our attention inwards to create a deep hypnotic trance or in other words a daydream like state.

Why do we do this?

When we use our body to move around, we use up energy and there is a lot of information being exchanged between the body and brain. If we relax our body there is a lot less information being exchanged and therefore a lot of extra energy becomes available to be used in another ways.

Also when we use our critical analytical thinking, this also uses up a lot of energy and again there is a lot of information being exchanged in the brain. If we relax our critical analytical thinking, then this energy also becomes available to use in different ways. This is great, because the more our critical analytical thinking becomes passive and relaxed the more our creative thinking becomes active and stimulated and this is what we want!

So when doing this kind of self-hypnosis technique we relax our body and our critical analytical thinking. By doing this our creative intelligence can use the extra energy to focus on making the correct changes deep inside so that our important hypnotic suggestions become real.

Self-hypnosis creates a direct priority messaging system

By shutting down all other parts of our biological system in this way we are actually creating a priority signal messaging system with which we can communicate directly with our deeper intelligence without any unnecessary distractions.

When doing self-hypnosis in this way we are clearly showing with our actions that our hypnotic suggestions are so important that we are delivering them personally to the deeper intelligence of our body that knows how to integrate them into our system.

By allowing our body and critical analytical thinking to relax we are taking action and saying to the creative intelligence inside the body: 

“This is a priority signal coming in now that I am personally delivering to you because this information is important to me”

And because we have taken the time to stop all unnecessary signals at that time by relaxing our body and our critical analytical thinking, our hypnotic suggestions resonate so much more powerfully and deeply.

Inside our system during this type of trance there is a lot less information being exchanged by our body and our thinking compared to if we are moving around and critically analyzing things. In fact at this time its very peaceful and relaxed in there. This ensures that our hypnotic suggestions are delivered clearly and directly.

To use a metaphor: Its like the difference between trying to communicate some important information to a friend in a busy environment like a busy city with a lot of noise, interactions and distractions going on, which makes it more difficult to give your full attention to your interaction and communication (The body and critical analytical thinking are active and busy)

Compared to communicating the same message while you’re sitting comfortably in a relaxed environment like the park or in nature where it is peaceful, easy going, with little or no other interactions and distractions going on, which makes it easier to give your full attention to your interaction and communication (The body and critical analytical thinking are relaxed and peaceful with little to do, in a deep hypnotic state)

And because we use this personal direct self-hypnosis communication method, the positive changes that we want to realize can happen so much more easily, naturally and fully automatically.

Here are some typical signs that we can become aware of and recognize during this sort of trance.

Its also recommended that you copy these down on a piece of card or paper and read through them before you start your session. This way you will recognize them easier when they appear in your trance which will make the trance even more profound!

Signs of trance

While in trance you can:

Notice the rhythm of your breathing has changed as you relax deeper.

Sigh deeply or yawn here or there

Experience a feeling of heaviness due to the increased relaxation in the body or experience a feeling of lightness as if your spirit is pleasantly detached and is drifting and floating freely apart from the body, or a bit of both

Notice that your eyes are moving under your eyelids rapidly or slowly from side to side or up and down (REM = rapid eye movement)

Become aware of unconscious movements that are just happening automatically outside of conscious control

Become fully absorbed in the experience and forget where you are and what you were just thinking about

Feel nice tingling sensations, energy waves, currents, vibrations and other pleasant sensations in your body

Experience a feeling of detachment as if a part of your body is absent

Imagine and fantasize easier

Focus sharper and better

Remember things easier and clearer

Experience enjoyable hallucinations such as colours, patterns, shapes, images, sounds, mist etc

Spontaneously giggle, laugh and realize the funny side of things

Discover new insights, understandings, solutions and revelations

Experience a different sense of time so that the duration of the trance seems longer or shorter than it actually is

These things can all happen while you’re in a trance, one by one, several at once and in any combination whatsoever. They just come and go randomly and spontaneously. You can even suggest that they are happening or going to happen and they will happen.

For example:

“I allow myself to experience increasingly more feelings of well-being and enjoyment” (direct suggestion)

“How would it feel if I would experience increasingly more feelings of well-being and enjoyment?” (indirect suggestion)

Every trance experience is unique because every person is unique so enjoy your trance experience!

In reality a part of you is always in hypnosis

In reality a part of you is always in hypnosis because a part of you is always open to suggestion. Another way of saying this is that a part of you is always receiving information and accepting it as “true” or rejecting it as “not true”

Hypnosis happens when a suggestion influences our subjective reality. Therefore if a suggestion is accepted we can say hypnosis has happened, but if a suggestion is rejected we can also say that hypnosis has happened. This is because when we reject a suggestion we automatically accept the opposite idea subconsciously.

An accepted definition of hypnosis is: Hypnosis is an increased receptivity to suggestions. But I would say that hypnosis IS receptivity to suggestions, and hypnotic techniques increase this receptivity.

For example if I say to you: “Its a nice day today” That’s a suggestion. If you agree hypnosis has happened because the suggestion “Its a nice day today” has now been accepted as part of your subjective reality.

If I say to you: “Its a nice day today” and you disagree, then automatically you accept the idea “Its not a nice day today” Again hypnosis has happened because now the idea “Its not a nice day today” has become part your subjective reality.

So really we don’t get hypnotized by the suggestions we experience although they do have influence on us for sure. Ultimately we get hypnotized by the “YES” or “NO” response/reaction we have to them. 

This is why its very important when using this self-hypnosis technique (explained on this page and used in the audio) to formulate your suggestions in a positive way that gives you a good feeling. That way all your hypnotic suggestions are received with a clear congruent “YES” and instantly become your reality because there is absolutely no resistance.

Use the right mindset to do self-hypnosis

What is the right mindset to have whist doing self-hypnosis?

First of all you can just make a simple choice between:

Am I going to analyze everything and put pressure on myself do “do it right”?

Or am I just going to let go completely and allow my creative thinking to become active and be positively stimulated while I enjoy the process?

If you’re just going to analyze and not let go then you can better just go and do something else. The right mentality for this sort of process is:

“This is fun! I enjoy this transformation process. I allow myself to get the best out of this. I am curious, enthusiastic, optimistic and I do this with playfulness, appreciation and pleasure.”

So when engaging in this simple self-hypnosis process follow the simple guidelines and instructions and just let go and let it happen all by itself. Want and expect it to happen. And realize how easier, faster and deeper you go every time. Really enjoy this learning process because that way you learn much quicker.

More info? Click here: Apply the empowering qualities of a great hypnotic mindset

Become an independent self-hypnotist and develop your own hypnotic skills

After a while you can construct your own hypnotic process without the audio to go just as deep, or even deeper than before. This is actually the purpose of this audio. To teach you how to hypnotize yourself without the need of the audio.

When you come to understand hypnosis better you will realize that pretty much anything can be used as a hypnotic trigger to create a hypnotic experience because in every day life hypnosis is happening all the time. 

The more you use self-hypnosis to improve the quality of your life, the deeper your understanding will become of hypnosis and how it effects us in our every day life. It just happens like that.

So after a while of using the audio to help you, you will realize that you don’t even need this process anymore and that you can go straight into trance by closing your eyes with the intention of going deep into trance (or even with your eyes open)

You could use a hypnotic trigger like the phrase “Deeper relaxed” or just one of the elements of the process that you have learned (for example, counting backwards from 10 to 1) or even something else. Until then, use the audio. You can also experiment by going through the different elements of the induction phase yourself without the audio.

Be playful and really enjoy developing this powerful, enjoyable, valuable skill because it fun to do and a very useful tool for positive change and personal development.

Set your positive intention, induce trance then just let go completely and really enjoy the hypnotic experience that you have created. Its that simple.

Once you have set your hypnotic intention clearly by giving yourself your own suggestions, and you have induced trance, you can just relax and drift off if you want because your deeper intelligence will make the correct changes so that your hypnotic suggestions happen easily, naturally and fully automatically.

This is actually one of the main benefits of using the “Pre-suggestion” method. You don’t have to give yourself your suggestions while you are in self-hypnosis because you have already done this at the start. You’ve set the session up correctly in the beginning, now you can just let go and enjoy the ride!

As long as you have stated your hypnotic intention clearly in the suggestion phase at the beginning you can just drift off into pleasant mental and physical relaxation and really enjoy the deep hypnotic experience you have created for yourself.

You could even fall asleep. If you do this you will obviously miss out with the trance part but it wont stop the suggestions being delivered and also carried out. If you’re listening to the audio a part of you will still keep listening while you’re asleep and respond to the suggestions that resonate with you.

If you do a self-hypnosis session without the audio, the suggestions you have already delivered will be carried into sleep and be delivered that way. You can also use the same pre-suggestion method just before you go into normal sleep if you like.

I call these suggestions: “Sleep suggestions”

Sleep suggestions

A good way to give yourself a sleep suggestion is to think of a word or phase that means some thing important to you or gives you a strong emotional feeling and repeat it out loud or in your imagination with every out breath as you are falling asleep.

A simple phrase like:

  • “Deeper peace” 
  • Unconditional love”
  • “Deeper well-being”
  • “Powerful insights”
  • “Deeper appreciation”

Super simple self-hypnosis 

These sort of simple hypnotic suggestions are also very powerful to use just in general without the intention to fall asleep throughout the day for a simple hypnotic meditation. No preparation needed. Just make sure you are in a safe place close your eyes (if you want) and with every out breath repeat the simple hypnotic suggestion to yourself. Its that easy and very powerful!

Notice what happens in trance and recognize the signs of trance

Whether you’re doing a super simple hypnosis session with just a simple hypnotic phrase as just described or using the pre-suggestion method or even another method, notice what happens in trance and recognize the signs of trance. This enriches the hypnotic experience considerably!

For instance if you do not fall asleep whilst doing self-hypnosis and you are in a nice relaxed trance, you might be at one moment totally concentrated on a nice feeling in your body like tingling or waves of relaxation, and then the next moment drift of to a pleasant memory or scene in your imagination with images and sounds and totally forget where you are.

This phasing in and out of different perceptions during self-hypnosis is quite common and also very enjoyable and interesting. 

You might also become aware of some deep insights or solutions to a situation or a challenge you have been having lately. If you would like to stimulate this type of experience you could in the suggestion phase (or during the trance) give yourself a hypnotic suggestion like: 

“I continue to enjoy and appreciate receiving deep insights and solutions to my challenges because it really makes me feel good”

Or during the trance you could just with every natural out breath keep repeating a simple hypnotic suggestion like; “Deeper insights”

How long you stay in trance is up to you. You can decide that yourself. When you’re ready to exit trance you can just say something like: “I am now leaving self-hypnosis” and then just open your eyes, move your body a bit and re-orientate yourself with your surroundings and say out loud: “I am now out of self-hypnosis feeling fantastic in every way”

You could also count from 1 to 5 for a slower return to normal waking consciousness, like this: “In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 5 and when I reach 5 I will be completely out of self-hypnosis feeling sharp, refreshed, rested and alert , 1…2…3…4…5, I am now out of self-hypnosis feeling sharp, refreshed, rested and alert”

Or maybe you will just open your eyes and come out of trance naturally and spontaneously just like you do when you have been daydreaming. Its just the same because self-hypnosis is actually a self-created and self-controlled daydream.

Every trance is unique and you are unique, so really enjoy getting to know yourself inside yourself during your self-hypnosis trance experiences.

If you have any questions send me a email at dave@zelfrealisatie.amsterdam or use the contact form below Enjoy 🙂 Best wishes Dave

Learn to formulate your own hypnotic suggestions here: Learn self-hypnosis – Formulate your own hypnotic suggestions


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