Client reviews and experiences

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Please note: Some of these reviews where originally written in Dutch. In order not to personally influence what was said they have been translated by Google and not by me. Dave.

Many thanks to all these wonderful people for all their very kind words and sharing their insights. You know who you are!

Adrian – 5 stars

Simply life-changing.

Roza – 5 stars

Five star review! 😉 Goes far beyond ‘regular’ hypnotherapy in a very positive sense – amazing

Pamela – 5 stars

I have had 2 sessions with Dave, including regression and hypnotherapy, and the insights I have learned from it will help me to move forward for the rest of my life. 

Dave is such a powerful, open and beautiful person you feel completely safe to enter the unknown with him!

He also gives a free introductory consultation so you know where you stand,

I advise everyone to do a session with Dave at least once in your life, you feel like reborn afterwards

You can only give 5 stars, but this one sessions are worth an infinite number of stars

Thank you Dave for everything!

Love, Pamela

Tenzin – 5 stars

First of all Dave is amazing! I was dealing with anxiety and other issues and I’ve been to a therapist and psychiatrist before ( and they are very expensive too) but no one has ever helped me like Dave did.

He understands completely what you’re going through, he has his way of speaking and giving you help and advice that will make you believe in yourself and make you overcome whatever you are going through.

He’s very understanding, smart, caring and most importantly he really really wants his clients to overcome whatever they are going through. He sent me emails to check up on me few days after the sessions and asks me how I’m doing so far.

And during the sessions, he never rushed me, always took time and I always felt safe and comfortable with him. I mean I can’t tell enough how much this man has helped me, but I don’t want to write a long story and bore people so if you’re doubting on whether to book an appointment with him, I say go for it. Specially for his price rate, it is so worth it.

I feel like he should be charging more for what he can do with his skills, knowledge and power, but he just really likes and wants to help people out so. Dave sessions were a big thumbs up for me. Get help and become the better and stronger version of yourself.

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Devi – 5 stars

🙂 Through Dave’s guidance I have gained insights & handles with which I can connect with the DEEP layer of unconditional self-love & acceptance. So much more peace & joy from within… what feels like something that is permanent !!

Dave, am eternally grateful, & have deep respect for how you treat me, your patience, openness and tranquility. Even that is healing. 🙂

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Angie – 5 stars 

I have now been to Dave twice for a session of hypnotherapy. I am incredibly grateful that Dave came my way. He has helped me to be stronger in my shoes. Dave is a loving, understanding and talented therapist. He takes the time to do a session with you.

After the first session I immediately felt better about myself, this helped me with the situations I was struggling with. I am amazed by the quick results of the sessions. I recommend booking a session with Dave to everyone!

Amanda – 5 stars

One of the most transforming meetings of my life, I am sure of it! I am so thankful that I met Dave and I seriously believe that if anything in society should be mandatory it should be a session with this man!

If you have any sort of doubt THIS IS YOUR SIGN 🙂

Maico – 5 stars

I don’t often leave reviews, but I really needed to leave one for Dave. I am so grateful to have the honour of meeting this amazing human being.

He is probably the most kind, compassionate, and generous person I have ever met. It was my first ever session, yet meeting Dave was like meeting a wise old friend.

I’m so touched by his pure passion to help people, he has the biggest heart I’ve known. Thank you Dave, for your presence!

Nisha – 5 stars

Dave is just amazing. Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for help this is the right place to be. I am so glad I found you Dave. Your positivity is contagious and I feel amazing already from realizing what you showed me.

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Thiska – 5 stars

Dave is very good at asking the right questions and feeling what he needs to do to take you into deeper hypnosis. I always feel very light and free when I come away from him, as if everything is flowing again.

All things that are stuck somewhere in your body and need attention come up during sessions with Dave. He is also very good at listening and not judging. He lets you get very close to your true self.

Marion – 5 stars

Dave is amazing in what he does and truly cares about you as an individual. I have been in a very difficult place and it took us only two sessions to feel the changes and to achieve a completely different mindset.

Now two months and few more sessions later I can genuinely say that he has changed my life, how I think, feel and and approach things in such a positive way now.

I am so happy and grateful I have chosen him for this difficult and drastic change and can only recommend him if you are really ready to work on yourself and make a change. I am going to miss him but know I will always be able to reach out to him. Thank you, Dave!

Caroline – 5 stars

I couldn’t thank Dave enough for what he did for me. He opened doors to deep understandings that have changed my life greatly.

His place has such a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, I felt safe to talk and was surprised by my findings about myself; I looked forward to each following session.

Dave is a great hypnotherapist, very insightful and knowledgeable, I feel very lucky for having found him. I would highly recommend him for anyone searching for answers to even the smallest problems. 

Kaizel 5 – stars

I had one session with Dave. I felt safe the moment I entered the room. He is very welcoming and the energy of peace and calmness is always present.

There was no awkward feeling as he gave me safe space in that moment. Safe space to open up all my emotions and releasing almost everything that causes pain in my heart.

He listened with empathy and explained things with assurance and professionalism. I felt lightness in my heart after the session. I highly recommend him.

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A – 5 stars

Thank you Dave for your wonderful session! I am very happy and grateful that I was able to take this one with you, and you gave beautiful insights, and a nice starting signal to do things differently. I recommend it for everyone.

Maïté – 5 stars

Just finished my 5 lessons program with Dave and I can genuinely say that this program was so powerful and really changed me and my way of going about things. I could really experience the deep transformation and progress.

Dave is a fantastic individual really caring, positive and allowing you to come as you are! I can only strongly recommend this program! Thanks a lot Dave!


Mohamad – 5 stars

I contacted Dave in my last day in Amsterdam to book an hour, and he responded quite fast and I was lucky to get the appointment in the same day.

From the first moment I could see that he’s a pro, he didn’t go through the traditional way of hypnosis, but I felt like he has a deep understanding of the subject with his technique he could talk to my higher self.

I really recommend Dave and for sure I’ll come back next time I’m in Amsterdam. Thanks again Dave for giving me that chance. 


Waldo – 5 stars

It was the first time that I did do a hypnosis session, it was a incredible experience and I am going to do a second session. Thank you Dave!


Hayden – 5 stars

Dave is a mastermind who has the ability to assist others in changing their thought patterns. He really helped me understand myself and rethink past trauma… and I can’t recommended him enough


Max – 5 stars

Dave is amazing. He takes the time to really be with you and your quest, without being bound to a pre-defined time limit. I felt like we really had the time to look at everything that was on my mind, and during this process Dave implemented all kinds of practices and exercises that were highly interesting.

For everyone that is looking for an experience in that field, I can only recommend coming to Dave.


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Yuran – 5 stars

Dave is a calm person who guides you well in the session. It feels casual, personal and I was very touched by the effect after 1 session. If you are willing to open yourself to a change, Dave can help you very well. Thanks!


Khushitaa – 5 stars

About Dave, where do i start? What he does is changing life of people. The effects are not momentarily but forever. Not only he is great listener but passionate about what he does which makes him different from everyone else. Thanks for being so kind and for motivating me. He is nothing less than magic! I would recommend his services.


Ivana – 5 stars

I can’t even explain how I feel… Dave is very connected, I had an absolutely amazing experience. Will definitely come back 🙂


Pauline – 5 stars

I would like to thank Dave for the work we have done together. He has been patient, understanding, and thoughtful. He took me out of my comfort zone and helped be better acknowledge some inner feelings that were stuck in there for a long time.

This was also my first time with hypnotherapy and everything went well. I asked a lot of questions to grasp the mechanisms in place and I am sure that I will make use of the techniques he shared with me. All the best to you and your future clients Dave!


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Lucinda – 5 stars

After the 3 rd session with Dave, I notice that I know how to touch more and more people in my environment with my story about what it was like. Dave is a nice, calm man. He exudes a lot of patience and professionalism and I immediately felt at ease when we first met.

He guides the session itself in a beautiful way and he managed to lead me to where I needed to be for the right answers and development. Very nice and highly recommended to visit Dave !!


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Marieke – 5 stars 

Thank you Dave for your insights, your time, your practical tips and for who you are! You have helped me a lot to find peace within myself.


Brian – 5 stars

I had my first hypnotherapy session with Dave earlier this week. I was hoping to improve my speech fluency and help diminish, and eventually rid of a stutter that I have had for as long as I can remember. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical and a little anxious about the idea of hypnotherapy – but within ten minutes of meeting Dave and learning about hypnotherapy from an expert, all of my skepticism was gone.

Dave began the session by explaining his philosophy regarding hypnotherapy, his prior experience, and the various methods in which hypnotherapy can be performed. In discussing these topics, he prepared me for my own journey. We dove into the reasons behind my desire to improve my speech fluency and visualized how improved fluency would enable me to do more things, be more successful at work, and ultimately improve my quality of life. After we established my goals and hopes for this session, we began with the hypnosis.

Through the entire process, Dave created a comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed environment that allowed me to be vulnerable and open myself up. I fully believe that Dave had the knowledge and expertise to guide me in the right direction, discover the root of my disfluency, and help me improve it. I was conscious of my experience the entire time, aware that at any moment I could pause or stop altogether. I found the session extremely relaxing and profoundly impactful on my speech and my headspace in general.

In the days following my first session, I felt as if a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I was thinking more clearly, felt significantly less anxiety/stress, and most importantly, my fluency had improved dramatically. There is still work to be done, but I firmly believe that my stutter will be close to, if not, completely gone. I’m looking forward to my second session with Dave in the coming weeks and excited to see the positive effects it will have on my life!


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Nona – 5 stars

Dave is an honest man with a lot of humour. The heavier topics are also discussed in a calm manner and at your own pace.

The first session I did not know that it could be so powerful and special to deal with specific problems in this way.

I immediately noticed a huge improvement in my thinking patterns and how I react to certain situations. Thanks and see you soon!


Viktoria – 5 stars

I have been going monthly to Dave for a few months now. He is very knowledgeable and I’ve learned so much from him. I am really grateful for these sessions, they helped me with understanding and befriending my anxiety.

It has helped me connect deeper with myself and realize some childhood traumas. If you have some unresolved issues, emotions and pains, I really recommend having a hypnotherapy session with Dave.

Ioannis – 5 stars

Dave helped me pinpoint chaotic troubling thoughts that i couldn’t access in years. I will definitely visit him again, and i recommend everyone that wants to be in better contact with themselves to pay him some visits 🙂

Pat – 5 stars

Dave’s professional , listen and understand me so well and made me felt so relax and easy to talk to, and He guided me to see the positive way, doesn’t make me to find the answer by myself that what i like about him.

And I really recommend if you looking for someone to talk or guide you in life. I believe he can help you.
But anyway at the end of the day it will always be you who choose to do what is good for you.


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Jois – 5 stars

Had a great session with Dave. Very special to experience, but in the end it all came naturally.

It’s very nice and relaxed with Dave. Absolutely worth everything !! I certainly have the feeling that it also gave me what I wanted to get out of it.


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Hannie – 5 stars

Dave is an open and pleasant person who has helped me in a few sessions with the cleaning up of quite some old ballast. Recommended.


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Joe-Lee – 5 stars

I had 1 session with Dave and it was definitely a changing game in my life. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get satisfaction from his life !!!


Margreet – 5 stars

I have been for several sessions to Dave and they helped me enormously!

One session was before i was having a dangerous operation. Dave let me go to a deeper level of consciousness where he put nice memory’s and real relaxation associated with the operation.

It was very special to have the operation afterwards and feel the same relaxed and trust as Dave had let feel me in the hypno session. I was not scared at all, i went to the operation in trust and it became a wonderful successful experience!!

Another time i went to Dave with my question about finding a real meaningful job i could be happy in for a longer period.
With Dave i was going to my deeper unconsciousness and he asked me questions about my values, wishes and dreams.

When asked in normal situation i didn’t know so well, but now from my deeper level the answers seem to follow easy.
It gave me a lot of insight about what i truly look for in a job..It made that i found a job where i can stay in for years and what me really makes happy ( the 3 years before i was every year or half year changing).

Dave is for me a person who is truly dedicated to help people. He is unbelievable trustful and respectful with you. He is easy to talk to and a very nice and communicative warm optimistic personality. I can absolutely advise everybody to take hypnotherapy at Dave. He changed really my life enormous positive!!

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