About my methods

During a self-realization / hypnotherapy session with me you play an active role. It is always a cooperation between us.

Hypnosis is not something I do to you or for you. Hypnosis is a powerful communication tool that we use together to realize your positive intentions.

I use my life experience, instinct, intuition, intellect, humour, spiritual insights, concepts and extensive hypnotherapy training to help you realise your positive intentions.

I have a professional mentality and am very honest about what I realize and observe otherwise I do not do my job well.

I think humour is very important in this process because it is a powerful valuable tool for self-realization and transformation. You can assume that during the session I will constantly use hypnotic techniques, processes and strategies to help you realize your intentions.


Asking questions to gain insights

To begin with, I am going to ask you some questions about your present situation and what you would like to have happen. These questions help me find out very quickly where the resistance and blockades are that you have stopped so far and are now standing in your way. It is very important that you answer these questions honestly otherwise we are wasting our time.

Start an instant investigation

When we come across something that I find interesting, important or striking, we will investigate this right away to find out what is really happening there and how its working behind the scenes. We do this with the aid of hypnotic techniques, processes and strategies. This could mean that I ask you to use your  your attention, imagination, emotions or other natural qualities or abilities.

Working with what we discover

It is possible that heavy emotions appear during this process. If this happens, just let it happen. This is normal and sometimes necessary. Often we can invite strong emotions to come up so that we can communicate with them and we do this on purpose but in a controlled way of course.

In this way you can discover, realize, integrate and take with you the important insights and lessons and let go of the rest.

Be honest about what you are experiencing

During this process / session, be honest about what you are really experiencing! Do not say or do anything to make me happy because you think you have to. It is very important that you are completely honest with me (and yourself) even if you think that it is something that I do not want to hear. We are here for you not for me.

This is a learning process and a collaboration between you and me. Without trust and honesty from both sides about how things really are, the positive results will be limited. Please always be honest with me about what you are experiencing!

Learning process. Try out. Discover. Apply. Adjust. Complete successfully.

Some things that we are going to do can succeed right away, some things maybe not. It is just as important when what we are doing is not immediately successful as when it succeeds because this gives me very important information about possible resistance and blockades. We want to discover these! So always be honest about what you are experiencing.

Here is a clear step by step summary:

Your responsibility during this transformation process.

1. You make a clear decision from the beginning “Yes I do it for sure” or “No I do not do it”

If you want to change something then go for it completely. Do not flirt with the idea of change, Do not try, and do not do it half-heartedly.

Make a clear decision. “Yes I do it for sure” or “No I do not do it”  Its one or the other!

If you clearly decide “No” then it stops right there!

If you make a clear decision: “Yes” then let yourself be completely absorbed in the experience to get the best results. This process is not about asking “why” or analyzing. You can do that with a psychotherapist.

Its all about experiencing, discovering new insights, expressing honest emotions and letting go of the past to be happy in this future here and now.

So approach this process with curiosity, enthusiasm, appreciation and continue to enjoy it. That way you get the best out of it.

When you go through this process with a clear congruent “Yes, I want this” you optimize the ability to realize your positive intention(s).

2. You are fully open to the hypnotic process.

I expect you to trust me. If we are going to do hypnosis, I expect you to be completely open to going into the hypnotic process or it just wont happen. I can not and will not do hypnosis with you against your will. If you do not want to cooperate then there’s no point.

Hypnosis is not something I do to you, or for you. In this sense hypnosis is a valuable tool box that is full of useful tools that we will use together to realize your positive intention(s).

This process is not a competition between us but an agreed collaboration. We will certainly clearly agree in advance what your positive intentions are so that we are clearly know what you want. This is a very important part of the process.

3. You give me honest and clear feedback about your experience.

Do not say anything that is not true just to make me happy. I expect you to be very honest with yourself and with me during this process. We are not doing this to make me happy but to make you happy by realizing your positive intentions.

That is why it is important that you understand that it is okay if something does not work right away. Sometimes this is actually better because this means that we have discovered the resistance or blockades. This is what we want!

Sometimes we have to try different things before we find the best ways to realize your positive intentions. Some hypnotic techniques, processes and strategies work very well with some people but less well with others. We have to find out which techniques, processes and strategies suit you best.

At the beginning of the session we have clearly agreed what your intention is and so we know where we are going. We still have to find out which route we are going to take to get there. Every time this is a learning process because every session and person is different and unique.

So during this process you can be completely honest about what you are experiencing and I encourage this so that I can help you in the best way. Otherwise we are just wasting our time and energy.

4. You totally go for it.

You allow yourself to go completely into the experience to get the best results.

5. You know that you always have the ability to pause or stop the process.

You can clearly communicate this to me at any time during the process. You are in control. I am there to guide you.

6. You know that we will use spiritual understandings, insights and hypnosis to realize your positive intentions.

You are totally open to the idea of using hypnotic techniques, processes and strategies and you know that these will be constantly used during the session from the beginning to the end.

My responsibility during this hypnotic process.

1. I keep you safe and secure during this process

I will limit any difficulties that you might be experiencing during the process of discovering, realizing, accepting, processing and letting go. I am here for you.

2. I choose the right techniques, processes and strategies that we will use.

3. I will teach you how to take the right specific actions during this process and I will guide you through them.

For example: to focus your attention on certain things. Call up emotions. Creating and establishing hypnotic communication. And so on.

4. I will give you clear, honest feedback about how its going.

I will tell you honestly what I think about what we discover and our best approach to continue to go through this transformation process to realize your positive intentions.

5. I am fully committed to ensuring that we realise the best results together.

I will make this process so simple easy and effective for you.


How does hypnosis feel and what can you expect in a hypnotic trance?

This is different for everyone and there are different types of trances. So here are some standard signs of trance that we can recognize and experience during a typical sort of hypnotic trance.

While in trance you can:

Notice the rhythm of your breathing has changed as you relax deeper.

Sigh deeply or yawn here or there

Experience a feeling of heaviness due to the increased relaxation in the body, or experience a feeling of lightness as if your spirit is pleasantly detached and is drifting and floating freely apart from the body, or both

Notice that your eyes are moving under your eyelids rapidly or slowly from side to side or up and down (REM rapid eye movement)

Become aware of unconscious movements that are just happening automatically outside of conscious control

Become fully absorbed in the experience and forget where you are and what you were just thinking about

Feel nice tingling sensations, energy waves, currents, vibrations and other pleasant sensations in your body

Experience a feeling of detachment as if a part of your body is absent

Imagine and fantasize easier

Focus sharper and better

Remember things easier and clearer

Experience enjoyable hallucinations such as colours, patterns, shapes, images, sounds, mist etc

Spontaneously giggle, laugh and realize the funny side of things

Discover new insights, understandings, solutions and revelations

Experience a different sense of time so that the duration of the trance seems longer or shorter than it actually is

Phase in and out between different perceptions of reality

These experiences can all happen while you’re in a trance, one by one, several at once and in any combination whatsoever. They just come and go randomly and spontaneously.

And because your attention may phase in and out, you may sometimes forget things that happened in the trance, just like when you are watching a interesting film but afterwards forget many scenes.

Every trance experience is unique because every person is unique, so enjoy your trance experience!

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