About me

Hi! My name is Dave Wright.

My age is 55 but I still feel young around 39.

I am originally from England and I have been living in the Netherlands for about 26 years now and 21 years in Amsterdam.

Zelfrealisatie Amsterdam is the name of my practice for hypnotherapy and self-realization.

What is self-realization?

Self-realization is the realization and perception what is going on inside you. This can be in certain contexts or situations or just in general.

At the deepest level, self-realization is the simple recognition of who and what you really are.

More info about self-realization? Click here: Self-realization

My interests are:

Awareness. Consciousness.

The power of thought.

How our mentality can influence our subjective reality.

How our emotions can motivate or stop us from doing things.

How the shift from one perspective to another perspective can drastically change our sense of reality.

Mysteries of the universe such as: What am I? Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? And so on.

My passion in life is to enjoy.

This is my highest core value and I am very happy to share this with others. I love laughing, making jokes, comedy, having fun, listening to music and self-realization and hypnosis of course.

During my life I have been able to experience the contrast of intense unpleasant experiences and super fun experiences. This has ensured that life has given me the right insights and understandings so that I know how to continually experience enjoyment and happiness and spread and share this with other people.

Enjoyment is the most important thing for me in life. I think everyone has the right to be happy and I am naturally fully motivated to continually stimulate this in the world. I also do my best to make the best of every situation.

My mission in life is to help people to recognize happiness in themselves and to continue to experience it. I apply this in any context. We are here for each other right?

I now use my life experiences, passion, instinct, intuition, intellect, humor, spiritual insights and understandings and my extensive hypnotherapy training to help people get to know themselves better. This so that they can also make powerful transformations themselves through which they can experience more and more happiness, pleasure and appreciation for life.

My self-realization / hypnotherapy service comes from my heart. I want to give back to life for what I have already received. These are not materialistic things that I have received (also) but spiritual things. They are valuable experiences, insights, understandings and revelations that have ensured that I have a deep understanding of what really is important in life so that I can enjoy myself constantly in the here and now, feel satisfied and appreciate every experience for what it is.

Pleasure, happiness, well-being, satisfaction and many other good qualities are constantly present in the here and now. They certainly can not be found in a imagined future or in a remembered past because the future and the past do not exist in real life. They do exist as concepts in Consciousness, but not anything more than that.

I have the mentality of someone who enjoys life. This means that I enjoy the smallest things as well as the big things.

I even enjoy the more difficult, troublesome things because I know that valuable lessons can be discovered in these experiences. These experiences are full of learning moments and opportunities to give us new insights to be able to develop our natural skills so that we can help ourselves and others as well.

I know that every new lesson has the potential to give us important insights that can automatically improve the quality of our lives and we can also share this with others.

Enjoyment and Appreciation compliment each other perfectly

Do you want to be able to enjoy everything in life? Here is a simple tip:

If you want to stay and be happier in life: Appreciate what you already have in the here and now.

Because appreciation stimulates enjoyment and enjoyment shows appreciation.

One strengthens the other. This way you remain centered in the natural cycle of happiness.

In other words:

Want and enjoy what you already have and then you are instantly happy in the here and now.

You do not have to wait to be happy. Because deeper under the surface of all the mental illusions in your thinking, happiness is already present in the here and now. If you want to, you can feel the happiness here and now and also experience it without spending any effort or money. It is completely free

This is one of the secrets of life

Appreciate what you already have and enjoy it. Enjoy what you already have and appreciate it.

Apply this here and now!

Ask yourself these questions regularly:

“What do I take for granted in this here and now?”

“What do I appreciate here and now?”

“And what do I enjoy here and now?”

Ask yourself these questions here and now and realize what happens!

My story

Below is a summary of my story about how I was inspired to learn hypnotherapy and how I have successfully applied it in my own life.

I am telling this story in the third person. This is because I am not the past. The past is finished, over and gone and all that is left of it now is a story of what it was then. We are not our past. We are here and now! We are not a story about the past, but the pure potential to be or become anything and everything in the here and now.

We can take the important lessons from the past and leave the rest behind. In this way, the past is a valuable knowledge base that we can put to good use here and now.

So I’m going to tell you a story about a boy named Dave and how he used hypnotherapy to modify the programming in his own system.

The early years with his parents

When Dave lived in England he felt like a fish out of water. It was a worthless existence for him. He suffered greatly from short and long term depressive phases that often caused him to think about death. He had very low self-esteem and low self-confidence. He felt worthless, useless, powerless and he regarded life as an unpleasant experience to say the least, yet he did his best to make it enjoyable.

The time he lived with his parents was without a doubt the worst time of his life. His father was very bitter and his mother was completely mad. Both were very unhappy and they wanted to steer his life in the same direction. They didn’t care what he wanted or what he felt.

There was no love, warmth or connection between them all and Dave was not stimulated, motivated, supported and helped to realize his wishes. He was forced to go their way and it was obvious to him that his parents mentality and way of doing things was not going to work for him because they were already so unhappy.

Dave wanted to be happy! This meant lots of laughing and enjoying life. Apparently they didn’t want this and they didn’t like it that he was trying his best to be happy in his own way. They saw him as the symbol of their captivity in a unhappy marriage without feeling. They tried to hide this unhappiness without success. It was obvious how unhappy they were because the atmosphere inside the house was so cold, empty, and unpleasant. They probably tried to deny it to themselves as well.

His ‘relationship’ with his mother

When Dave was alone with his mother, she lashed out at him several times because she couldn’t handle life. She suffered from depression, had a victim mentality and so was very negative and was always complaining about something. She was also deeply religious, condescending and arrogant. You couldn’t talk to her and she considered herself a saint.

She saw Dave as the devil’s child because he wanted to enjoy his life instead of suffering as she did in her victim role. She constantly had mantras of:

“You’re the devil’s child”

“What have I done to deserve you?”

“You’re worthless”

“You’re such a disappointment”

Her favorite was “I’m so ashamed of you” and she kept repeating this over and over again.

Even when Dave was little he knew there was something wrong with her, but the constant disapproval and humiliation had a profound negative effect on him. One way Dave tried to protect himself was to cut off all contact with his parents. He only gave them a yes or no answer or kept his answers very short. He regularly turned his attention inward and isolated himself, but he often went into a deep depressive phase because he couldn’t express his real feelings.

Fortunately Dave had a strong instinct and intuition that guided him well through the difficulties. Without his instinct and intuition, he certainly wouldn’t be alive today. At that time they really saved him and after that they always helped him very well and he is very grateful for this.

Despite everything that had happened, Dave no longer blames his parents for the way things were. Of course he did then, but not anymore. From their perspective, circumstances and beliefs, they did their best. For the first fifteen years of Dave’s life, it was a really tough battle for everyone in that family.

Outside the house away from his parents, Dave was able to find some happiness, so he spent as much time outside as possible. The less time he spent with them, the better. When Dave was fifteen he had left the house and it was a huge relief because he had finally escaped from that horrible atmosphere.

Emigrate to the Netherlands

Many years later after he left, he had built up a strong feeling inside that he had to leave England. The Netherlands appealed to him because it seemed to be a much more progressive country at the time. That was true then, but now the Netherlands has become much less progressive.

So he had decided to leave England and this was one of the best actions he would ever do in his younger days. But it didn’t work in one go. He had already tried twice over a five year period to come to the Netherlands but failed both times. This was due to his very negative mindset and low self-esteem, apathy, lack of proper knowledge and insufficient motivation to do what was really necessary. But by the third time, that had all changed and guess what? Yes, third time lucky! Thankfully 🙂

The right mindset is so important

This experience (and others) has taught him painfully that the right mindset is so important in life. Especially when you want to make powerful transformations, but also in general in your daily life, the right mentality is really important. What is the right mindset?

Make the best of everything! Ask yourself:

“How can I make the best of this situation?”

Make sure you always look at a situation from the most advantageous perspective. A perspective is one truth out of thousands of truths. If your perspective is disadvantageous, then shift your perspective.

Ask yourself:

“From what other perspective can I look at this situation?”
“What is the opposite perspective of this disadvantageous perspective?

For example, if it looks like you’ve made a mistake, ask yourself:

“What did I do right?”

Make sure the situation has the most beneficial meaning. Does the present meaning not work in your favor? Then change the meaning in your favor. A situation can have different meanings. Make sure you have the right one for yourself. Ask yourself:

“What other meaning can I give this situation?”
“What is the opposite meaning of this situation?”

For example, if you think you’ve lost something, ask yourself:

“What did I get from this?”

Think in solutions. For instance:

“How can I solve this?”

“What have I learned from this?”

“And now that I know this, how am I going to do things differently or better from now on?”

“Why is it better to do it this way now?”

Use positive mantras. For instance:

“I can do this”

“Every mistake or failure is a learning moment and the more I learn the easier it gets”

Appreciate and Enjoy everything. Be playful, curious, experiment and therefore be less serious.

With the right mindset, Dave had managed to emigrate to the Netherlands the third time, and he had promised himself that he would make the most of this opportunity. It didn’t matter how hard it was going to be because this was his big chance and he had clearly decided to make the most of it and he did.

He had even taken the time and effort to learn Dutch and was surprised at first that he could do it at all. For him it was fun to learn Dutch and therefore no effort! With every word of Dutch he thought, spoke, read, heard and wrote, he celebrated his new life in the Netherlands. He had also met so many nice people during his adventure and had so many good experiences.

The difficult times

But it wasn’t always fun and he’s had some super hard times in the Netherlands too, but there wasn’t one moment when he wanted to go back to England. Even when things got really bad here, going back to England was still not an option for him. Despite the fact that he felt completely at home here, he occasionally suffered from the deep depressive phases again and after a certain event it happened again. So it was high time to get help for that and he did.

“How can I have these depressive phases now?” he thought.

“I feel happy here and I have everything I want here, this is not right”

At that time he did some psychotherapy and this helped in the beginning because he had never talked to anyone about the miserable times with his parents and it felt good for him to express this. But after about five sessions, he started to feel worse and worse. He looked for a different kind of therapy, EMDR and he was lucky to meet a super good therapist. With the EMDR he did several regressions and, to cut a long story short, he had processed and released a lot of the misery of his childhood.

He felt so much better after this because he had resolved a trauma with his mother and that was one of the biggest problems he had back then. This experience would greatly influence his decision to learn hypnotherapy later in life because EMDR worked just like a regression and regression is one of the most well known and used hypnotic techniques. After that experience over the years, he did have occasional depressive phases, but much less than before.

Discovering self-hypnosis

Years later, he had the opportunity to learn hypnosis. He still had many mental and emotional problems from the past and he thought of self-hypnosis as a tool and a solution for this. He had always been interested in hypnosis, but he never had the money and time together to do a professional training. He had seen on the internet that it was possible to do self-hypnosis and he started learning simple techniques from professional hypnotists on YouTube because self-hypnosis really appealed to him.

He applied these techniques to simple situations such as: reducing stress, increasing relaxation and mental peace and building more motivation and self-confidence. He was really surprised how easy and fun it was to do this and he got some pretty good results. So he bought professional hypnotherapy programs from the hypnotists who had given the best techniques on YouTube for free. It was then that a whole new world opened up for him!

Tackle the bigger challenges

Despite the fact that he had found these new tools, his new limited skills could only slow down the overwhelming pile of physical, mental and emotional complaints that kept piling up. For about a year before that everything was going really hard in his life and over that year it got progressively worse.

His personal life was not going well. Things weren’t going well at work and in general things were getting harder and harder. He then became overwrought and went into a severe depressive phase again. But this time he had all this professional hypnotherapy training and a beginner’s knowledge. He thought:

“This is the perfect opportunity to really learn and apply this now”

Because he now had real problems that he could work on and he couldn’t avoid them anyway.

Within two months he had come out of the depressive phase and he had enough energy to go back to work. This was a super fast recovery compared with before. Sometimes a depressive phase could last from six months to two years, and he had dealt with it within two months. This is because he went directly to the source of the complaints instead of fighting the symptoms. That’s what his hypnotherapy training taught him to do.

He began to feel more confident with the hypnotherapy training he had learned and so he decided to work on another lifelong problem. Hay fever. He had suffered from hay fever for forty years and for three months a year he suffered from a ‘summer depression’

He couldn’t go outside and certainly not sit in the park without getting in a lot of trouble. The symptoms resembled severe depression and the flu at the same time. When he was young, he had thirty-five injections and all kinds of drugs over a five-year period to counteract this. Nothing helped him then.

He thought it was high time to process this too and let it go. His skills were not yet fully developed but he had been able to process the depressive phase quickly so he thought:

“I will experiment and do my best with what I have now.”  The right mentality!

The revelation about the hay fever

For one hour a day he did self-hypnosis and NLP. This for six weeks in total. He was experimenting and he didn’t know what would really help him. So he did a little bit of everything until he found out what worked and what didn’t. Long story short, he found out that there was a deep sense of powerlessness behind the hay fever, along with disappointment, sadness, anger and other intense emotions.

When he was young, the hay fever was one of the only ways he had to regain some power in the fight against his negative parents. He was then in a constant state of stress and oppression from this living situation and because of this his immune system was weakened.

In the summer when he was about 5, he had gone out to play. This after the usual misery in the house with his parents. Probably because his immune system was very weak, he had a violent reaction to the long grass in the park. The skin around his eyes was so swollen from the reaction that you couldn’t see his eyes and he was having trouble breathing.

His friends couldn’t believe it and his parents thought someone had beaten him up. They were suddenly nice to him because they apparently thought it was so bad. They had become a little friendlier and there was no mantra of:

“You’re not good enough”

“We are so ashamed of you”

“You’re no son of ours”

“What have we done to deserve you”

Dave’s subconscious learned in that moment that this violent reaction (hay fever) meant; nice parents, less stress, less sadness, less disappointment, less anger for Dave but more empowerment for him in a powerless situation.

To protect him, his subconscious has apparently decided to maintain this reaction as a tool against the constant onslaught of negative energy in the form of disapproval, belittlement, humiliation and so on. This reaction could be used as a tool to reduce the negative atmosphere and get some inner peace. This way his immune system didn’t have to work as hard and it became much less overloaded over the summer.

His hay fever allergy was born and it was installed right away. It remained installed for over forty years and became active again every summer for 3 to 4 months.

This continued throughout his life until he was able to use self-hypnosis to communicate to his subconscious that this tool was no longer needed to protect him. He can do it alone now. Now he sits in the park every year without the summer depression and also without the flu. Occasionally minor symptoms reappear but he can immediately use one of several simple techniques to deal with them and usually they are gone in no time.

Tackle everything with the powerful hypnotic tools

After he had solved the depressive complaints and the hay fever, he started to apply hypnotherapy to every problem he had at the time. He bought more professional hypnotherapy programs and went to live trainings and thought, “Maybe I can help other people with this too.” And this turned out to be the case.

With each new technique he learned, he applied it to a situation in his own life. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. He began to realize what worked and what didn’t. He learned from every experience and he got better and better at it. To date, he has completed over forty professional trainings related to hypnosis.

He now uses self-hypnosis very little because he has very few problems to work on. He usually engages in Awareness meditation. This is realizing and perceiving what is happening in your subjective experience in the here and now. Without any intention to change, achieve or prove anything. This is the simple recognition of what you truly are.

More information about Awareness meditation? Click here: Awareness meditation

What was negative is now positive

Dave now realizes that the depressive phases had been one of the best teachers in his life and that these phases were there for him when no one else was. They protected him and also taught him the real secrets of life, about being happy, what’s important in life, and how to achieve that. He is now very grateful for those experiences he had then, despite the fact that at the time they were dreadful.

Therefore, it is obvious to him what his mission in life is: To help people recognize happiness within themselves because happiness is not outside of us. Happiness like any feeling comes from within and therefore there is an infinite amount and abundance of happiness to be experienced within. You just have to discover it and Dave now knows several ways how to do it.

Now he realizes that all the bad experiences in his life were super valuable gifts given to him by life so that he can help other people who have ended up in similar situations. He would never trade those experiences for ten million euros because the important insights and understandings he gained from them are worth more than all the money in the world.

He is so happy and grateful that he trusted his instincts and intuition and that he took action to come here to the Netherlands because he is super happy here and now. He now feels like a fish in water. He’s living the dream!

This experience has clearly let him know that when you make the right decisions and also take action with the right tools and knowledge, miraculous things can happen. Your life can instantly transform from something worthless to something valuable. Now it is his pleasure to help, support and guide other people with this.

When he often thought of suicide as the only solution and tried to convince himself that he had nothing valuable to offer the world, there was always a deeper feeling inside that said:

“Stay alive. Keep it up. It’ll be fine. Trust me”

“You can still enjoy it”

“You have something valuable to give”

“Never give up”

It was as if his “future me” was communicating with him. The ‘me’ he is now! For when he looks back now he says to his younger me:

“Thank you for everything you have done for me”

“I appreciate you and everything you’ve been through so that I can enjoy the here and now and be happy”

The younger me, the older me, and every “Me” he has been, are all present in the here and now. They are different parts of him. They are actually different thoughts that sum up who he thinks he is at that moment. It is an endless process in life. How crazy is that? These “Me’s” are different “parts” of himself. They are different characters in different uniforms, playing different roles in different scenes, but what he really is is the Consciousness in which all this is happening.

You are not the past. You are the Consciousness in the “Here and Now”

I just told this story from a person’s unique perspective. A person is one limited perspective with a unique set of filters that Consciousness uses to perceive itself.

This person is called: Dave and he is constantly changing because ‘Dave’ is a process of different thoughts, feelings and experiences.

But what I really am is: Consciousness. This is true for all of us. Consciousness never changes and is constantly present. Without the Consciousness there is nothing because:

Consciousness is that in which every experience appears, happens and disappears.

Consciousness is that through which every experience is perceived.

Consciousness is that from which every experience is made.

Thoughts, emotions, sensations, images, sounds come and go all the time in life. Consciousness is the only element of this life that never goes away and never changes. Without Consciousness there is nothing else.

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